Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Multi-Table Madness!

Above is what my laptop is capable of doing with full tilt poker and pokerstars tables. I am certain i will be able to play on 30 tables at a time. Problem is will i be able to profitably? I will play 2 dollars games to find out on each and try and make a profit from them, to get a feel of the tables. I want to do this because if i can freakishly familiarise myself with 30 tables and i decide to play cash, then i am in for a ridiculous amount of rakeback. But this will be very tough as other players will know i am a multitabler and will be re raising me more and more knowing i will likely be playing ABC. As well as the two sites pictured for another respected, reputable online poker site, try this for multi-table madness. Party poker has been beginning to grow on me with their soft tournies and even softer cash games, so i could easily be seen playing there at any one of the mad hours i stay up until!

Anyway i got the laptop today and have to admit that i am very pleased with it. I think that the resolution is its beig selling point as being able to fit 30 rooms, tiled, is an amazing feat. I also like the keyboard as i am typing this as it is quite chushioney but the touch pad has a little too much friction which will hopefully fade away.

I am going to have a sleep in a bit and when i wake up i am going to see if playing 30 tables is reasonable. I think the fact that the screen on my laptop is only 15' makes it a lot harder for this to be a reality so if i am having problems i will refund this for a 17' laptop i could have bought at a cheaper price that i found after i purchased this one. It's not as good with other aspects so if i can deal with the monitor size then this comp is deffo a keeper.

Looking forward to playing later and curious to know whether or not i can multitable hardcore on this thing. I hope i can anyway!


  1. I know I couldnt or wouldnt want to play that many screens at once, I justwouldnt have the concentration levels that you obviously do. I sat next to Haved Khan on day 2 the year Jerry Yang won the WSOP (2007)and he was telling me that he plays up to 42 screens at on go and that makes him a supernova - was only when I was checking his stats that I found he was losing $thousands. good luck mate

  2. 30 tables is pretty sick. I'd be amazed if doing that you could get anything near a decent win rate at $100nl. You'd make a lot in rakeback lol.

    You would be better off playing 8 and really working on your cash game - signing up for training sites.

  3. Sorry to be a party pooper and i know that you are still young but think of the damage you are doing to your eyes . you need multiple SCREENS to multi table . I have a big laptop with a second big monitor hooked up as a second desktop.
    when u get to my age you will regret it. lol . regards . L4