Friday, 19 November 2010

In top form


Have only put in four nights of poker mtt grinding since the 16th of october as i am at university and taking it pretty seriously. But i have won over £3000. This has made me think that i shouldn't really do anything else other than work towards uni and play poker, and i am very much looking into the philosophy of one day on and one day off to keep things fresh.

So yeh. I may be a serious baller if things continue but i doubt they will something will have to go wrong. What i have noticed is that i have reduced the amount of tables i am grinding to around 9 and this has helped me concetrate more and made me get better results.

Also i have noticed i have no real fear near the end of the tournaments and am getting good at seeing them off. Tonight in particular was a sign of my ruthlessness. I was in the last 4 in a $5k GTD tourney with $1350 for 1st and $350 for 4th and i was joint chip lead, and then two other medium stacks. The other three guys all called for a deal. I remained quiet revalling in the fact i was against scared players and i was abusing them with a sense of sadism. Eventually i had an insurmountable chip lead and took down the tournament despite cries, as each player bit to dust, to have an updated deal proposal. NO! I'm gonna take this down instead brooo.

Going to Sheffield for the weekend today to watch Crystal Palace FC playing tomorrow. Also my mates 21st so it should be a great weekend.

Will let you go anyway. Just to say i expect my downfall to come soon, but while it doesn't i will continue to fill my boots. Take it easy.