Thursday, 24 November 2011

On a New Grind Until I Learn More


I am now going to only play turbo style tournaments and the ones that have rebuys in particular because i like to have a deep stack but with a shallow structure and that plays into my style perfectly and i have noticed this is where i have made the most of my money over the years.

I am limiting my grind to this because i need to improve my game in the slower structured tournaments because i have many a leak on them. I am getting increasingly frustrated in them and am just uncomfortable so decided to drop the trouble tournaments completely until i can get to the bottom of all my problems.

From the top my problems lie in:

LACK OF A HUD: This is the box that can appear next to all of the players at your table with the amount of hands you have played with them along with aggression factor and other stats to help build a picture of how you should play against this person. I haven't set one up for myself yet and feel that i am at a disadvantage if i continue to neglect using one.

FULL GRASP OF POKER MATHS: I obviously know a great deal already but i am not 100% on the optimum strategy for what to do with a particular stack in a particular spot with a particular hand, the likelihood of my hand getting there on the flop, if it is clever to go chasing it on the turn and so on and so forth. I have to make sure everything i do is working towards me having the best possible opportunity towards winning the tournament in question.

GRASP OF DIFFERING TOURNAMENT STRUCTURES: What it says on the tin really. Have to know how slow and fast the blinds rise as well as the starting stack and the steepness of the blind increases and to know what strategy i should have on each level with whatever stack i have.

Ultimately i have to be ridiculously comfortable in any grind i play. At the moment i am only like this in the turbo tournaments as i feel i have a good pre flop game. Need to develop my deep stack post flop game however, as i am definitely too tight and i get abused too often. Need to exert my chips a lot more.

So i think it is clever to carry on playing what i am adept at and in the meanwhile learn how to better myself in the games i am less comfortable in. How to do this?




That is about it at the moment. I am looking forward to taking responsibility for making my poker game as good as it can be and to stop burying my head in the sand to my problems and to address them and increase profitability in the process. This is the start of the process of me playing as optimally as i could possibly can for the rest of my days.

Only then can i properly gauge if i can make this into a consistent £50k+ a year salary.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

East Dulwich hit in Riots.

Well they hit my hometown tonight, and in true journalistic fashion i just bopped down to have a look at what was going on. They smashed the glass doors to the londis and ransacked the place, apparently not getting away with too much money from behind the till when i asked the bemused worker about what happened. He said around 20 of them rushed in and took all sorts of things. Maybe they did take the money behind the counter and this guy was just trying to hold some pride that he held them off, i don't know.

Beside it is a pharmacy. This was in a much poorer state and hopefully below i can attach some pictures of it. Massive pane of glass had been kicked in, they went in and made a lot of mess and assume that a lot of them went into the drug section at the back where most of the expensive prescription drugs are. When i got there to take pictures apparently the shop was left bare for anyone to walk into for about an hour, but when i got there to take pictures, there were at least 5 police officers there orchestrating workmen who were putting up makeshift windows. Oh how those guys are on to make a lot of money tonight. The police were also pretty casual as i was taking 3 pictures, instantly thought i would be told to f off or that my phone would be taken if i was to record this mess in anyway but if i would have asked one of them to move for a better shot i think they would have!

The third place which was across the road and i didn't get a very good look at was a post office which the bottom half of the doors were caved in through i assume excessive kicking and ramming. What did they think they were honestly going to get in there? It is like a bank with all the safes around the back well guarded, was a complete silly move and i didn't take a closer look as i was actually pissed off that these rioters weren't even thinking properly there. Obviously i know they may not generally be the brightest bunch but this got to me.

On the way home i passed a less saturated spot in terms of shops where there was really a very small chance that any rioters would be interested in looting, but found my local newsagents donning a pretty powerful sign. So much so it did take me aback quite a bit as i took a pic of it. I think the shop closed and a disgruntled regular of the place might have put it on as a big statement to any potential idiots.

I think that the trouble in East Dulwich involved only three incidents as i had a good look around and many bars remained open but would be interested to find out if anything else happened. Anyway the pics are below (hopefully), if you can't see them i had trouble uploading them on here and you are welcome to see them on my twitter @antgaughan

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Plans for the weekend.

Today has been full of procrastination for a 3000 word essay i need to do by tomorrow. I need to do 50 pages worth of reading, plan an essay, locate quotes and formulate my arguments by about 14.00 tomorrow but i am lost in a spell of online episodes of the US office and listening to music. So i am using this as making a clean break from that to get on with things. After i finish this post of course!

I think tomorrow is going to be a poker night for the first time in a while. I did have a day session yesterday that ended in me being a little bit above break even, but i was unlucky in spots so never mind. Tomorrow the emphasis is going to be on confidence building, so i am going to count the bankroll and then play lower than i normally would so that i can experience better results from poorer players just so i can start to feel good about myself again, building up slowly until i start laying down some wondrous plays to nail the biggie tournaments online.

Saturday is my birthday and i have a leicester square get together planned at a weatherspoons then a move on to the clubs around there. Should be a blast especially as a few faces are gonna be there that i haven't seen in a while. The day after is going to be the more formal meet up for lunch with the family and that will end that weekend and another year older.

On monday i start my routine for success. It is going to be to get up in the morning, have breakfast, wait an hour, then go to the gym for an hour, then come back and grind for about 12 hours and do that for 5 days a week but if i am in the mood, for as many days that i can get away with doing just so that i can get my bankroll going and that i can get my confidence up because it has taken a hammering recently with ill prepared grinds and obvious subsequent failures of nights.

So looking forward to the days ahead and hopefully will get into this essay now and hand in something decent tomorrow. Will post up on here again probably on saturday morning after tomorrows grind. Cheers.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coursework to finish, then hardcore grinding! + Birthday!


I need to hand in the last of my courseworks for friday, but then i have to do 3 re-submittals for august which i have to make sure i don't put on the back burner too much because to start up again with two weeks to go i might be cold so i might get all those three done and handed in before the end of June. They make up 23% of my final year grade, so not to be taken lightly at all and with the amount of time i have to do them with only poker as the other pressing issue i should be looking for top grades here to consolidate for some of the not so good grades in the other assessments.

There is the boring stuff out of the way. I feel like i haven't played poker in about 2 years even though it has only been 3 days. I think its because it feels like two years since i put in a well prepared and well played session and that actually happened about 3 weeks ago and because of the ill prep i have been on a tough losing streak. However, i am happy that this fall is really because of my own demise in not being disciplined with sleep or fitness rather than being well prepared but just not being good enough at the tables. This said that means that I am a joke to be a pro poker player now and still take these things for granted. I think it stems from me not having urgent expenditure pressures of bills and rent and what not because i still live with the parents who have me on mates rates. I need to create that pressure so that i am never waning on the concentration front and to feel like i am playing for something rather than for the hell of it.

So I am going to first get back on the winning streak and once i feel i have my routine set, whereby i go gym daily and sort of social hours for the week, i can then think about putting a percentage of money away each week. If i was to set goals in how much i can put away it will give me that fight to play every table as serious as the last and to never give up despite the harshness of the game. That is what is missing, that will to fight to the very end. It will come with better fitness more steady success and a goal to make the money for. My distant goal is to buy a property in cash from my savings, my short term goal might be to put away £2000 a month. That is provisional of course, but hopefully when i am up and running i will get there. I also have to be more careful with my spending because i can be quite ridiculous with the amount of watches i buy and the amount i lose on takeaway food when preparing myself is the healthier and more economical option.

Also i will need to live life a bit more and with the freedoms of no university and just poker i will be doing that, and with that i should be having much more interesting stories to share on here other than the self turmoil battles with myself that can get repetitive and boring! So i will leave you with that. I will be playing again full time and near enough on a daily basis from the 6th June onwards. I would also like to note it is my birthday on saturday the 4th and would like to think i always give you a healthy reminder of when my birthday is through my website name!

Good luck to everyone playing and I hope that you get the luck you deserve. Also I would hope you guys appreciate the daily updating, it's pretty awesome don't ya think?

Shame I go for quantity over quality hey!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

cricket + follow me on twitter!

Just to update you guys on how the cricket is going I got 1-15 from 3 overs of bowling before the rain came in and washed the game out.

I am doing a promo on my Twitter today that if you follow me and put up a run total of what you think I am going to hit today, you get a cash prize. @antgaughan. Have a golden duck, 37 and 87 so far.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Should have just not played this Sunday!

After promising myself I wouldn't play I am about 1400$ down for the night and went against one of my rules of only playing when fully fit to. I was pretty tired throughout because of my sleeping pattern. If I am going to be honest I haven't had a good session in a while now, always playing when I shouldn't out of boredom. My roll is now close to $10k which is not good. I need to be pushing on but am faltering by not being properly prepared for a grind, but from now on I vow to do something else with my night if I feel groggy/tired instead of lose money.

Like Cos (Greekstein) now I have to treat this lark like a profession, and when I do I see positive results and when I don't I hemorrhage badly. Need to find where I mislaid the jared tender book, read it and start applying some of the philosophies in it.

The one thing I am doing well recently though is going to the gym and actively losing weight. I will have a beach bod for the summer and I hope by the time my hols comes I am a well oiled machine both mentally and physically so I can make a killing on life in general. I know I can, just fucking hard to use the stringent discipline required.

Btw, If you did think of me topless and oiled when I said the above, It's only natural and I advise you give in to your lustful urges.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

poker suspended, cricket awaits.

Playing two days of cricket tour tomorrow. I'm hoping that I open in both and that I get 150 runs. The standard is normally piss poor and I'm good at dispatching woeful bowling from my back foot. On my front foot I am a retard. I'm talking a propa terrible player. I can't generate any power from a forward drive whatsoever and it is frustrating because I have good hand eye coordination and can smash on the back foot but nuthing on the front so I may be paying for some coaching soon and see how good I could get. Already play for Dulwich 4th XI with loads of runs last year but I wouldn't mind knowing where I could be if I wasn't just using one dimension. In the poker front I really haven't been playing because I am trying to sort out my daily routine first without getting bogged down with tables and this has meant for the past two days I have gone to the gym and it was depressing. Never have I been in this bad a shape. There is a hill on the way to the gym I have to walk up to get there and I am panting hard. Can't jog for more than two mins without a walk and I have a huge gut, but I am determined to have a beach this for July/August when I go on a lads hold to Magaluf. Where there has already been side bets on who can what the most birds in the seven days we're there. But I have always been a romantic you see and think that I might fall for the first bird I get with so the bet has been changed to how many times you get it. Who thought chivalry was dead?

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Plans for tonight and tomorrow


I am going to be playing tomorrow night and hope for a winning session for once. Been a while since i have felt one of those.

Now i have my manic i need to play 24 tables right now all the time phase out of me i will resort back down to 16 tables tomorrow and hope i get lucky.

As for tonight i will be watching the game and feel annoyed to say but want Man United to win, mainly because i don't like the hype surrounding the Barca team and i wouldn't mind it if they were given a good hiding and from the looks of things Man united might be one of the best teams in club football to actually do that.

Today i go to the gym for the second day in a row and i am making sure i am making a routine of it. I have been told by Coggy to download a sort of exercise regime from online but with no offence i am going to follow the things i normally do in the gym and it is effective but i just need to keep it up. I firstly go on the cross trainer for 10 mins as a warm up, 10 mins of stretching at the mats, then i do my pilates while i am there for about 15 mins. This looks pretty gay but it don't half work! After that i go on the jogging machine for 15 mins, jogging for 2 mins and resting for one and alternating. After that i go to the leg weight machines, all four of them doing three sets of about 10 on each. I then make my way to the dumbells and blast my pecs, shoulders, biceps and abs. So that about covers every area, i then do a 10 mins continuous slow warm down jog, then make my way to the mats for a stretch down and then hit the showers where i rub my balls and make sure my crack is clean.

Will be posting on twitter tomorrow during the grind with updates of how i am getting on @antgaughan follow me if you haven't already you will be exposed to some awesome mundane tweeting.

Friday, 27 May 2011

24 table setup at the ready!

I played 24 tables yesterday tiled across 3 monitors. I found that it was definitely bearable for about 30 mins and then i got auto tired because it is so draining on the concentration to be playing at that intensity for so long. So i have decided that getting to 24 tables will eventually be profitable for me, but not at the moment. I really have to hit the gym hard to help with stamina for that sort of mental grind, so for now i will be staying with a 16 table grind whereby i am already sort of in my element. Not flustered by that many tables and find that i am playing my optimum game (whatever that is) across all tables even if i am short handed across a few of them. I actually enjoy playing 6 max's the most tbh and it is my strongest game.

So plan is to play on 16 tables and go gym daily. Then when i find myself improving physically i would assume my mental capacity will be improving also so then i will attempt the incredible and go for 24 tables, but maybe that won't even help and i will have to accepts 18+ isn't going to happen. Meh

Yesterday i was experimenting and my form went out the window dealing with all those tabs. So that might explain the $800-$500 loss, was very unlucky as well anyway not to make a massive profit on the night as i final tabled bubbled two huge tourns but not to be. Looking forward to future grinds as my set up is nearly now epic. Would ideally now needs a more comfortable chair and a modified desk but would get on fine without that.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Good damage prevention

I lost about $100 yesterday as I was very very tired and therefore completely useless. So I unregistered as fast as I could before the main bunch of tourns came in before 8 and I would like to think now I could become a.master in tilt control from this bit of work.

I was saved by a 5th place in a $8k Gtd for $500 as my only cash btw AK<1010 stopping things there.

Been having big trouble with sleep recently only getting about 6 hours in at a time and am sure its due to the amount of caffeine and lack of exercise, so today onwards I am off fizzy drinks bar special occasions (that doesnt include when I feel like it!) and exercising everyday. I need to take this slow from the beginning because I am a fat bastard atm. So bad that when I break into a run my knees ache afterwards from the unnecessary pressure they are receiving and I am also panting from walking uphill. Ladies form an orderly queue!

So probs just best to lay off crappy foods and get into walking more than buses to lose that bit of excess weight and then when I feel I am fit enough go to the gym. Ahhh swimming is a good idea from the.get go actually.

Not playing tonight as I am playing in a messabout fiver house game with friends that I always like to lose in to keep em sweet. Normally go in with shit, then make a spiel up to them saying how bad their play was and.then sit down and watch telly away from the table. they then think they are superstars beating one of the bestn There is no way I'm spending my spare time grinding fiver games, you can have the money. I just want my sky box on my days off

So right now its brekkie then off for a swim. Will report bak on here if this thread gets lively otherwise I need to start posting on other threads.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Back! Will be regularly posting from now on.


I have been mainly blogging on, under the sub forum of "the rail" under the thread entitled "the diary of an MTT grinder wannabe". So if you would like to talk to me about any of the posts on here, that forum is the place to do it. So here's my first entry for a while....

Round up on the night.

Up $4960.

Won a $2k gtd, a $1.5k gtd, and a $3k gtd. Came 4th in a $2.2k gtd, 10th in a $3.5k gtd. 7th in a $1.5k gtd.

Came second in a $15k gtd as well

cashed in many other tournaments including some biggies that i sattellited into for a nice profit

So i was in dominating form all night. Had a very close call for that second place. AJ beat my 77 all in pre to win it all but i still had a decent stack but i made a mistakeso i didn't win the $2k extra for first.

With the other tourns i was playing relatively flawlessly. Was multitabling 16 at a time through the night with no hassle. I am thinking about buying a desktop so i have the capability to have two external monitors working for me to have 12 tables each on them for 24 tables in total. I hope I would be able to handle that and i think with a bit of practice that will feel the same as playing 16.

Life Roll is up to $13500 and from having but $800 to my name last month its a great achievmant. I said by the end of June i would have a $20k roll. I am hoping now by that time i have a $30k roll. Here is to hoping and to finally let this be the final push into the big bucks and into insuring that i could possibly pay for a house outright in the future. That is the dream.

Friday, 25 February 2011

good day two days ago crap day yesterday


Two days ago i won two tournaments. A 10k gtd and a 5k gtd and some other final tables for a $5.2k up night. Yesterday had me final table bubble three biggies and i am down $700ish for the night. Not too bothered about that though as i am getting deep into the tournies i just need more of that lucky tp propel me forward to getting to the last three and ultimately winning.

Really enjoying the game at the moemnt. I need to be careful to do my uni work too now thought cos that could get easily ignored.

Monday, 21 February 2011


really frustrating night. I got unlucky in a good few tourns and if only i had run better for longer in some spots i could well be financially well off now :(

Anyway that isn't my real concern now, even thought that was a $1000 losing night. My main greivance is that sharskcope has me up for about $12k for the year, but i couldn't honestly tell you where those profits are in reality. It is as iss they have made them up because i would say that i am $8000 short according to my bank account and poker site cashiers. I am going to leave the game for a week just to let all withdrawals get into my bank so i can have a real look at what my financial situation is and then apply a 200 buy ins rule because unfortunately i may not be rolled to be playing as high as i have been anymore. Even though i am a winner in the games.

I guess it is patience though and being able to wait my turn for the spot to crush, so i will have to do that. Plus i have about 5 assignments for uni all due in next month so i really have to get a move on in starting them and poker will only serve as a distraction, so i am going to give it up until all my work is completed. So much easier said than done but i really need to be disciplined to make sure that the three years invested at uni isn't a complete waste and that i hopefully get that 2:1 (it's history i take btw for any of you that care!). So that is that going to come back feeling refreshed after the long break and i will be roaring to crush again.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Big Sunday Grind!

Im playing 21 tournaments across the euro biggies today probably a $3000 grind tonight. Bring on the huge binks! Gl to everyone else!

Going to put up a review on monday night. I hope i win something massive!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

End of month review


I wont be playing another day of this month and i don't think i will be playing much of february as i thought i best get my last ever education assessments out of the way early and then enjoy the rest of the year as a potential poker pro, until the money dries out!

Got a graph up of my month and i think it reads i am up in the region of about $9k which is lovely. One site in particular i killed on and another where i got killed and still haven't got the measure of it. If i eventually do sometime in the next two months it would be one of the biggest accomplishments of my poker career. Seriously! It has been plaguing me for years now this site and to start a run up on there would be awesome.

I am thinking about playing live this month instead of online to accompany my studies, because if i really wanted to i can bring reading material with me to the tables and also when i get on the computer at home i just play poker so no chance of work! So to play live would be a healthy way to push on this month as i study i feel, but we will see. I am thinking about playing the £560 UKIPT £200k GTD in Nottingham in two weeks time, also the fox poker club £330 deepstack tourney on friday as a prep for it and also possible the weekly wednesday £220 at the old vic for a £10K GTD. Done my research!

I would love to play the DTD monthly next week but as im in London without a car its too awkward and the fact i have football sunday morning is swinging it for not bothering along with my terrible time at the DTD with tourns! Still i am intent on a live poker/uni revising grind for the month of february. I have won enough in January to pay for a bad time live and also playing tourns n bigger than £500 a time makes it so my £5.7k prof won't deteriorate too quick!

So i am looking forward to it and hopefully some binkages too. I know i am lacking massively on the odds maths needed in poker whereby i don't know them well enough to be super confident with them. Like should i be calling a 3/4 bet on the flop with a flush draw with implied odds thrown in there aswell? Also shoving ranges, i am not 100% with those. I do some crazy shit on the open raising all in front and think sometimes it has been my downfall.

On that front i would say that i am competent rather than fantastic. I always can't be bothered to develop that side of my game which i believe is the easy part to know. The other part i know better is timing and knowing quite well when to bluff and when not to and to recognise a bluff with a nice call, or to put in a cheeky value bet on the river to a man clinging on with 3rd pair. That side i am much better with.

Bring on the month of february and hopefully in my end of month review for this month i can say that i have all my assessments completed and i am free to play poker for march and most of april before i have the end of year tests in may. Ideal outcome come mid June would be for me to have a 2:1 degree in the bag and about £40K in the bank, and to be a fully fit specimin. That is the ideal. The main aim is the 2:1 though, as that would be a lovely back up to the real world WHEN this poker lark falls through, because it will, eventually.


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Two binks


Very nearly had the night off but started at 8.30 tonight and registered through until 12.00am and played until 4am. I won my last two tourns of the night for $1540ish and $2300ish Which has me up at least £2000 for the night so i can't complain. Tis a bloody awesome feeling especially as i was down a vast sum of money if those hadn't of come in. Gotta keep this roll going.


Friday, 28 January 2011

A session of nearly got theres


I lost in the region of about £400 but i was very very close to haveing another $6k bink to add to my collection. I came within the last two tables in a $25k and a $30K and in the last 3 tabs of a $40K. Final tabled a $5k and came 6th but my layout of like £1200 nightly makes it tough to break even or profit without a win or a top 5 finish somewhere.

I am confident thought that i am primed for the toughest tournaments on the euros sites and will continue to play 50rs and higher. I am reconsidering my view on HUD's thought as i did come up against some marginal spots that is i did have any more info on the player i could have made a more guided decision. So annoyingly i will be comitting today to trying to sort my holdem manager out.

I will also be mapping out a typical prep day for a massive grind i did yesterday in the region of a 18.00-03.00am job and this must consist of a lot of fibre, no caffeine and at least an hour in the gym to have me buzzing. If i put in the hard work with that discipline it nearly always brings out positive results. So i will have to just put the work in!

I feel that my shoving range might be a little suspect and know that i may still have some flaws in my game so i am going to purchase sngwhiz just to go through some hands and see if i am going wrong, but i am not too far off the optimum i would say. Just have to keep it up and keep on making the monies.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

I'm Butter right now because i am on a Roll!


Won a $6.7k score on monday which was my biggest online score ever which i was happy about and followed that up yesterday with some more profit in the region of $1.3k. My hopeful nightly layout is of about £1200 across about 15 tournaments on the euro sites and it means that i can concentrate on the higher standard of play instead of mixing in some $22 freezeouts or whatever. I hope my run continues and my approach stays as positive because i like where i am now and i know if i continue at a rate of maybe £500 a night that i would be laughing all the way to the bank and i think i need to fill my boots before this game gets any tougher.

Still pride myself in not using a HUD but it may well be causing me to have less profits but i don't think so so that is the end of that argument. I will leave you now, but hope all is well and the best of luck to you all!


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Update - Long boring post alert.


Sort of going to put poker on the backburner for a while until i get my studies and general life back on track. Will need the gym happening, will need to be regularly going out with mates, i will need to make sure i don't get all obsessive compulsive about making loads out of money out of poker and really just neglecting the rest that life has to offer.

This sounds deep and meaningful but its not supposed to be. I sort of need to make poker become a secondary thing that supports a much better life that doesn't involve general sloth and inactivity. It is sort of a warning to myself that last year was basically exactly that and that really isn't what i want. I may also find if i start living a little bit more of a varied lifestyle it may reap benefits on my poker returns because i may be more relaxed.

This sounds too general to say lead a more balanced life but i really need to go against deep grained habits that have me play a lot more poker than i should be at the disadvantage of going out more. Eventually i will get a balance but i will need to see what exactly will work for me. Whenever i feel as if i am just residing back to poker day in day out, without a balance, i will give myself a slap and realise there is more to be had. It will probably mean i make more money so i would be silly not to go for it.

Unfortunately nothing to report on the poker front in terms of play besides me actually losing about £3000 over the xmas holidays because i played agitated and was sort of unable to accept losses when i should have! It is sort of why i am making this post. For me to be more stable against tilt and obsessing about how well i am playing, i need to not care as much about each session in a sort of worriesome manner.

For that to happen i need to first be always revising how the game is developing and feel comfortable with the ever changing dynamic always being one step ahead and secondly i need to have a developed life outside poker so the former is not the be all end all. With this formula achieved soon, if i don't turn consistent winnings on a bimonthly basis with the amount of volume i will be putting in i will probably see that taking poker as seriously as i have in terms of a career prospect was just silly and this would add even more impetus about me striving hard to get a wage job.

However for me to accept that i will really be pulling out all the stops to develop my game and my mentality towards it, and considering i have made tens of thousands already i know i have what it takes to win. So i will need to start developing all the qualities that had me winning regularly, a stable temperament, a comfort with the amount of tables being played and feeling a real sense of enjoyment. Adversely i will need to negate the damning qualities in my game. Mainly agitation due to the discomfort at how many tables i am playing, losing grasp of how certain tables are operating and making the wrong plays as a result and feeling a little clueless at times about what to do in marginal spots that are hard to judge. I mainly have to become quite obsessive in trying to make things as easy as possible and then reaping the rewards of such good preparation.

There is a difference between thinking and doing though, so it will be a test of me to go out and actually try to quell all the unease i have with the game and see what happens.

If you have read up to here fair play to you, i probably wouldn't have, cheers for reading and i will try to reward your support by posting up some more success stories!

Btw, thought i would put a picture up of a man juggling life, quite happy with the cheese aspect to this post now with that picture nicely reinforcing that!