Thursday, 2 June 2011

Plans for the weekend.

Today has been full of procrastination for a 3000 word essay i need to do by tomorrow. I need to do 50 pages worth of reading, plan an essay, locate quotes and formulate my arguments by about 14.00 tomorrow but i am lost in a spell of online episodes of the US office and listening to music. So i am using this as making a clean break from that to get on with things. After i finish this post of course!

I think tomorrow is going to be a poker night for the first time in a while. I did have a day session yesterday that ended in me being a little bit above break even, but i was unlucky in spots so never mind. Tomorrow the emphasis is going to be on confidence building, so i am going to count the bankroll and then play lower than i normally would so that i can experience better results from poorer players just so i can start to feel good about myself again, building up slowly until i start laying down some wondrous plays to nail the biggie tournaments online.

Saturday is my birthday and i have a leicester square get together planned at a weatherspoons then a move on to the clubs around there. Should be a blast especially as a few faces are gonna be there that i haven't seen in a while. The day after is going to be the more formal meet up for lunch with the family and that will end that weekend and another year older.

On monday i start my routine for success. It is going to be to get up in the morning, have breakfast, wait an hour, then go to the gym for an hour, then come back and grind for about 12 hours and do that for 5 days a week but if i am in the mood, for as many days that i can get away with doing just so that i can get my bankroll going and that i can get my confidence up because it has taken a hammering recently with ill prepared grinds and obvious subsequent failures of nights.

So looking forward to the days ahead and hopefully will get into this essay now and hand in something decent tomorrow. Will post up on here again probably on saturday morning after tomorrows grind. Cheers.


  1. Interesting. This is something that I can modify to use during our brainstorming sessions for story development.

  2. Just by reading it i can imagine my weekend and realize how cool it is. I can not wait for it.

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