Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Looking forward to recovering.


I am just now arranging my e mail to full tilt to prove my worth in the battle to reclaim the $1600 that was removed from my account. I cannot finalise it today as i am a little hungover and i am gonna write the bulk of it tomorrow. If i get positive feedback from them after i send it, happy days. If not then i will have to do with what i got and stop bitching.

I have a big enough roll to play $22 and $11rs if i wanted to and i am looking forward to binking some big tournies.

I am a little fucked today because yesterday i played cricket and opened the batting, staying out at the crease for a full 40 overs on a very humid day. I swear to you i nearly keeled over. And then when our team fielded, our captain decided to put me in positions that involved the most running. You couldn't write this sort of script. And to top it all off i went out and had one too many drinks in Crystal Palace before coming home and sleeping for 12 hours :)

I am out again tonight for a mates 21st, out tomorrow to the Epsom races (making sure i don't mess about with too much money!) on friday i have another mates 21st to attend. Then saturday and sunday is both cricket days. This is an amazing schedule for someone so reclusive to sitting at home stuck on 12 poker tables and ordering pizzas. The only real spice of life i did have was using different pizza outlets, will it be Pizza Go Go or Dominos today?

Might get a taste for the busy life and really restrict my poker play to sit and gos when i can fit them in rather than time consuming multis all night long. We'll see though.

It's very likely that i am going to have a full week off from poker with me being busy and i think this will be great for my game. Will come back fresh and much less tilty than i was on sunday. Will try also not to be as moany as my last post but only to have the odd occasion where it boils up over the course of some months and i lose the plot all over my blog space, on like some big massive fuck off tirade against everyone and the world. As long as it is not coupled with a mass murdering spree all would be cushty. My psychiatrist said that using a blog to vent the pressure of my stressfull life would be a good thing :)

Will see all you guys probably on monday. Hopefully with some news back with full tilt but primarily about my plan to get back on track and completely crush whoever gets in my way!


Sunday, 25 July 2010



not often i feel like writing in caps but i have a loss nigh on £1000 tonight. Mainly because my internet couldnt handle 15 tables on two monitors. I feel if i am going to do this in the future i will have one computer per monitor to help with the computer memory. Could also be because my laptop can't handle it, so i might need to just use a desktop pc. But whatever it is i was on loads of expensive tables and it was taking me 4 seconds per tab once i turned my attention to it to get the action to happen. Which is way too long and had me sitting out of a lot of tables. This tiled me also and it just went wrong.

Also have news that full tilt may well be taking $1600 from me but more on that story when it is finalised. And if it remains i am $1600 out of pocket i am going to let loose on them in my next blog and explain the full story.

I even ended early tonight so as to not completely lose the lot. So aggrevated right now. I am going to be taking a break of about 3 days and in the meantime trying to sort out things with FTP. If i don't get my money back from them my roll has been decimated tonight and in no way shape or form should i have been playing so high.

Have to break for a while so as to keep my cool and come back winning. I have At least £3500 left of my roll if all goes badly with FTP, so i can still grind that up nicely.

O well.


Brave or Foolish Grind?


I am playing across 12 sites today on what is likely to be a 15 table grind at any one time. I am prepared for this mentally and with my two moitors up however bankroll wise its a little gambly. My bankroll permits me to play $44 dollar tourns and $11r tourns only. I have those on but also a lot of $100, $150 and $50f's on the go. Don't get me wrong though the average buy in for tonight wouldn't exceed $70-$80 so i am playing with only 100 buy ins effectively, so it's not ultra bad.

Mainly this is as a one off as i am normally rather considerate of my roll nowadays, but i am feeling good, my last grind on friday secured £1300 profit and i am buzzing. I am looking to ride the crest of the wave today and bink huge. However, i am a realist. A stark one in fact. I am committing my buy ins today as a loss and anything more comes as a bonus. It is just lotto time. An opportunity to cheat bankroll wise by winning in a tourney i should never have been in.

Feel composed and am reacting well to beats, i hope not to have too many tonight but will make sure it doesn't act as too much of a detriment to my other games, and i guess that is all you can ask for.

Will report back at the end of the expected 13 hour night to report on what happened. Cheers for reading

Saturday, 10 July 2010

15.4 inches is just too small oi oi


I did a massive grind last night involving many a $10r $5r $10f-$100f and was dissapointingly break even. Got late on in a lot of tournies but found myself only min cashing or being whittled down too low due to inactivity of playing too many tables. The problem was i just couldnt see the action sometimes!

I have a 15.4' monitor for my laptop and if i grind just the one site i find i can grind 12 tables at once easily because its easier on the eyes, and the table sizes are the same. Yesterday i was playing 5 different rooms with varying table sizes and found myself sitting out all over the shop, which would tilt anyone! Some of the tables just appeared too small.

I have a 24' external monitor with me here but have found everytime i use it that the internet stalls up to a snails pace and i find having to act on every table at once in a matter of seconds to save a sit out. I am going to try it again tonight playing 0.02/0.04 cash tables, mayble up to 20 tables just to see if the lag is still there.

Another problem i have with the external monitor is that its not pumping out at its max res becos my laptop doesn't recognise it as being able to which is so frustrating. In laymans terms it means i can't fit as many tables as comfortably on the external monitor becos the wrong resolution makes the tables appear too large.

Going to ring dell in the week and finally get it all sorted and hopefully also work out a way to get 2 external monitors up on this laptop but i believe by definition you can't have two external monitors on a laptop? Would prefer 2 so i could just have 2 big screens which would help my eyes a lot, and i could also take pictures and pretend to be some sort of baller television watcher to my friends who will be like wtf he has two big fuck off monitors here. I will be like yeh one is for porn and one is for sky sports, what of it. You see i want to experience that, so Dell pull your finger out and help me here!

The grind yesterday ended at a very little loss i believe after i binked a second place in a $3k GTD that saved my ass. Had me only like $100 down but could have been so much worse. I am happy to have paid that to prevent myself going under the same routine really and now i am only going to play on one site if i ever just use my laptop screen.

Yesterday was frustrating, but i feel for the first time i am getting close to some sort of decorum with tourney grinding whereby i shouldn't have any more excuses. I am playing heavily overolled, (will soon be) playing a comfortable amount of tables and should be making loads of profit. One thing remains that i think i will just never bother with and that is having HUD stats up on players as when i have tried to put them up in the past they have been too large and annoy the hell out of me. I still use the Holdem manager to help review my game after hands though but the HUD tilts me hard. If anyone can help me configure it so i have less stats and be able to sort the layout a little bit then please do tell.

Anyway thats your very boring rant over. Will see you in a bit.


Friday, 9 July 2010

Not much happeneing here!


Sorry about not updating this as much as i should be. Experienced somewhat of a transition month getting a feel for the euro mtts as a change from the american sngs and it took me a while to adjust and only in the last week of the 4 since i last posted can i say i have posted positive results. Have had to adapt my game. Mainly just had to calm the fuck down and appreciate that not all players are on the same deep thinking process of playing poker. They may well make rash plays, i needn't regard it any higher than that. Have found myself making calls or plays thinking surely he can't be this obvious he's gotta be bluffing/telling the truth.

Soon after my last post i transferred a lot of money to euro accounts and in the first two weeks lost quite a bit of money, then the third week broke even, and the last week got some good results in. I think i am on the up now even though i have only made $2000 for the month ($1000 of which is added to my BR so it's now at around $9000, the other $1000 wildly spent :)).

Future should hold some decent results on the euro sites, and a lot less on the american sites, mainly as i don't hold rakeback on Full Tilt and this kills my soul when i play on there and can lead to tilt and before you comment, i have tried rakebackpros but i am already under a non RB affiliate so it's a no hoper.

I am sort of only going to use FTP for their big tournies for a shot now and again. The same with pokerstars really and try to make my main bread with the euro Mtts with lesser fields and lesser variance and i think more value. Most importantly now i feel, is that i am enjoying my poker again, have a very strict game going and am quick to stop playing for a couple of days if i feel frustrated on the virtual felt, so i am always constantly in a perpetual state of happiness towards the game. That is unless i start losing or get some horrid variance!

Aside from online i may well play some live tournies now. Have two cashes live in $1400 and $7500 but that was a long time ago now and i need to build on those. Feel i have a good live game and i just need some run good and more volume to prove my real worth.

Cheers for reading anyway guys and GL!