Friday, 9 July 2010

Not much happeneing here!


Sorry about not updating this as much as i should be. Experienced somewhat of a transition month getting a feel for the euro mtts as a change from the american sngs and it took me a while to adjust and only in the last week of the 4 since i last posted can i say i have posted positive results. Have had to adapt my game. Mainly just had to calm the fuck down and appreciate that not all players are on the same deep thinking process of playing poker. They may well make rash plays, i needn't regard it any higher than that. Have found myself making calls or plays thinking surely he can't be this obvious he's gotta be bluffing/telling the truth.

Soon after my last post i transferred a lot of money to euro accounts and in the first two weeks lost quite a bit of money, then the third week broke even, and the last week got some good results in. I think i am on the up now even though i have only made $2000 for the month ($1000 of which is added to my BR so it's now at around $9000, the other $1000 wildly spent :)).

Future should hold some decent results on the euro sites, and a lot less on the american sites, mainly as i don't hold rakeback on Full Tilt and this kills my soul when i play on there and can lead to tilt and before you comment, i have tried rakebackpros but i am already under a non RB affiliate so it's a no hoper.

I am sort of only going to use FTP for their big tournies for a shot now and again. The same with pokerstars really and try to make my main bread with the euro Mtts with lesser fields and lesser variance and i think more value. Most importantly now i feel, is that i am enjoying my poker again, have a very strict game going and am quick to stop playing for a couple of days if i feel frustrated on the virtual felt, so i am always constantly in a perpetual state of happiness towards the game. That is unless i start losing or get some horrid variance!

Aside from online i may well play some live tournies now. Have two cashes live in $1400 and $7500 but that was a long time ago now and i need to build on those. Feel i have a good live game and i just need some run good and more volume to prove my real worth.

Cheers for reading anyway guys and GL!



  1. Ant,

    Good luck with the Euro's. Contact FT ask to close the account and don't play for 26 weeks there and then you should be able to get another account with RB.

  2. Come to Dublin in Oct mate. me and cos are going. im also going to notts for the APAT ME end of Aug $155 if u fancy?

  3. Hope you've settled into the Euro's and that you've been able to put some more time into your game this month.