Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Round up


Just thought i would do some maths to realise where i am with my bankroll. What follows now is whats in my account in each poker room.

William hill (Cryptologic) - £847 (most of it withdrawn)
Devilfish/Cardroom2 (B2B Entraction/Boss media) - 375 euros (started on
Parbet (Cryptologic)- $1991 (most of it withdrawn)
Bluesquare (Ipoker)- $500 (just deposited)
Poker Heaven (Boss Media)- 89 euros (most of it withdrawn)
Full Tilt Poker - $7 (TILTAGE started on $600)
Pokerstars - $7 (TILTAGE started on $600)

Total bankroll - 464 euros + $2505 + £847 = $4307/£3064/3263euros

Well thats the situation. I am owed £1200 and have a grand in the bank so i have £2200 in reserve to use for poker if necessary. What i will do with that is put those monies into the poker rooms i haven't looked into yet, primarily Partypoker, PurpleLounge Poker, Ultimate Bet and maybe one on the Cake network.

On around the 28th of each month i will do a list similar to the one above and i can have a little review of whats happening. I intend on travelling to events around the country also, but will only do it with disposable funds and if by any means i can't properly afford to go i won't. The £330 Deepstack in nottingham is enticing and that is two weeks away but that will set me back around £500 if i want to travel up there and back and for the hotel. If i make what i should make between now and then i will make the trip but we will have to see.


Monday, 26 January 2009

Fuck feeling ill!


Feeling really crap at the moment and still played cash thinking i was alright. Erm no lol. I lost even more on crypto making total loss for today with cash at £300. It's okay though because my innate ability with tournies means i can be nigh on death and still final table. So i need one of those right now. No better than that im coming first. Would help if i could watch the screen without getting dizzy or not being able to see it clearly but hey ho im a warrior. A silly one it seems.


Cardinal sin


Just like to remind you all never to play when hungover or tired lost 200 euros in an hour session depleting my BR on devilfish to a measley 400 euros. Will gamble and stay on the 50max limits and just hope i catch a lucky break to develop that roll. Annoying becos i notice the play is poor but i get sucked into poor plays because im chasing the losses and really end up playing as bad as them. Need more sleep and have to make sure in the future i only ever play poker when i am fit to.


The "Tourney Bug"


Gonna be a grind this week on the cash games, looking to get 12 tables up at any one time and hit the games hard for the bonuses this week. Looking at playing 40 hours of 12 tables a week from now on which means on average i am looking at 40000 raked hands per week, which should be great for bonuses. This will hopefully allow myself to move up the limits quickly and i will only decide to make the move up if i have at least 50 buy ins available, so 5000 to go up to 0.50/1. Moreover, I am going to allow myself £100 a day to put towards only 2 tournaments maximum (so as to not get in the way of the cash grind too much) and this probably will be the £33 £6K GTD and the £55 £9K GTD on crypto.

Also I am going to be opening some new accounts, primarily on party poker, betfair and Purple Lounge. That should be fun and hope to get a good BR going on all of them. 500 is the amount i will start on, on each account and i will be playing on 10 BB's on each at the 0.25/0.5 limits at whatever currency the site uses. Confident that this is enough to have to start a roll, but if times are bad i will top up.

Would also like to add how i have shyed away from keeping records of my bankrolls profits and losses as it takes the emphasis away from the beauty of the game and how it should be played, and more on trying to hit targets for each day which only adds negative pressure. Also haven't been interested in getting any sort of pokertracker as trying to use these in addition to playing 12 tables would be murder. However, when the time comes i will purchase one as it will let me review all the hands i have played and i may be able to mend leaks against certain players and make sure my play becomes more profitable in the future.

There is also another point i would like to stress and that is that i blame tourney poker for hindering the amount of money i have made at this game. As i am nigh on addicted to playing them over cash games as the rush of winning one or doing well in one is unmatched in the field of poker. The cash games are sort of mondane unless you are playing out of your comfort zone. My point being is that if i started playing cash games primarily over tournies i would be much much more successful than i already have been as i would enjoy the cash games more and would be making a better profit and a much quicker rise up the stakes. But if you're infected with the "tourney bug" its always hard to concentrate fully on cash and be satisfied with its repetition. I am in effect a tourney player who is trying to play cash, and i will find it hard to become an out and out quality cash game player when i have the lure of the tourney game.


Thursday, 22 January 2009

Worst call i have ever made


Have a butchers

Game #7025966613: £10K GTD Rebuy (ID8982578) £30+£3 - Hold'em NL (100/200) - 2009/01/22 - 21:36:43 (UK)
Table "8982578 - 9" Seat 5 is the button.
Seat 1: Denlizliz (9540 in chips)
Seat 2: Darkh0209 (8325 in chips)
Seat 3: Ant040689 (8390 in chips)
Seat 4: Bigd11108 (3641 in chips)
Seat 5: Dewicool (15745 in chips)
Seat 6: Whitlow (12965 in chips)
Seat 7: godown61 (18145 in chips)
Seat 8: Hodgio (7445 in chips)
Seat 9: BrrrB (3575 in chips)
Seat 10: Wugambino (3110 in chips)
Whitlow: posts small blind 100
godown61: posts big blind 200
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Ant040689 [Qs Th]
Hodgio: folds
BrrrB: folds
Wugambino: folds
Denlizliz: folds
Darkh0209: folds
Ant040689: raises to 600
Bigd11108: folds
Dewicool: folds
Whitlow: folds
godown61: calls 400
----- FLOP ----- [6h Qh 6c]
godown61: checks
Ant040689: bets 600
godown61: calls 600
----- TURN ----- [6h Qh 6c][Tc]
godown61: checks
Ant040689: bets 2000
godown61: calls 2000
----- RIVER ----- [6h Qh 6c Tc][Kd]
godown61: bets 14945 and is all-in
Ant040689: is all-in 5190
Returned uncalled bets 9,755 to godown61
----- SHOW DOWN -----
godown61: shows [Ad Jh] (A Straight, Ace high)
Ant040689: shows [Qs Th] (Two Pairs, Queens and Tens, King high)
godown61 collected 16880 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot 16880 Main pot 16880 Rake 0
Board [6h Qh 6c Tc Kd]
Seat 1: Denlizliz folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: Darkh0209 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: Ant040689 showed [Qs Th] and lost with Two Pairs, Queens and Tens, King high
Seat 4: Bigd11108 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 5: Dewicool (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: Whitlow (small blind) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 7: godown61 (big blind) showed [Ad Jh] and won (16880) with A Straight, Ace high
Seat 8: Hodgio folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: BrrrB folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 10: Wugambino folded before Flop (didn't bet)

Sort of put him on QK but i was hoping he had AK hearts and just called. Shocked by his Play up until the river, and even his river play was suspect against a good player, because they would fold, i was tilted however and just gave this to him. £93 tht tourney cost me. I'm a disgrace.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Poker watch bought


I say poker watch but it just has the suit of the cards as the numbers 3 6 9 and 12 and has roman numerals for the rest. I'm happy with the purchase and hopefully will bring me good fortune and level headedness for the future. Here it is.





Really annoyed at my play today. I donked out of the 9K GTD which seems to be my fav tourney of late in 14th place raising 1/4 of my stack pre flop with Q7 to be re raised all in and seemingly pot committed i called and lost. This was a demise as i was chip leader with about 30 to go. I confounded this mistake by making others in other tournaments including spunking all profits made on the devilfish site by entering the wild west tourney they have there. You can rebuy to whatever stack you like and to give myself a chance i stacked about10 times onf the original 5 euros entry or maybe more!

Feelings with the situtation now is to take tourney play with a pinch of salt if you cannot afford the swings. If i am trying to start up a balance from scracth on the site cash games is the answer and very small multis because you want low and assured variance to help your bankroll prosper before gambling with variance and entering higher buy in tournies.

One other thing, i was looking to buy some sort of poker jewellry so i can have it to hold to remind me not to play stupidly and when thinking about doing it i can look at it and play like a pro. No idea where to find this tho.


Tuesday, 20 January 2009



Sort of in a state of limbo as to what to do with my baaaaaaaaad poker self as there are many options available to me. There are tons of sites i could use also to play on either cash or tournies. One thing i am realising is that for tournaments you really do have to have a lot of buy ins ready to play them consistently and that is why i saw a problem with pokerstars and Full tilt. I only had $400 in each and was playing $50 tournies, so my BR on those sites depleted quickly. Decided not to use them again for a while to concentrate on the more heavily orientated european poker rooms, because i believe that they will be softer. Maybe not a wise thought but i think it's fair to sat pokerstars and full tilt are two of the toughest rooms for cash, and in many ways tournies. Still to research fully into how fishy their sngs are but that is for a nother time when i feel like reloading on those sites

Back to the prediciment anyway. I started playing on Devilfish poker today and grinded on the 0.25/0.50 euros rooms there with a starting BR of 550E and in one sitting of about an hour got it up to 700E so i am happy with that. Got most of the monies from one generous individual in particular whom was giving me gifts :) It is an entriguing site. The software is great and the resizing of the tables is excellent. Still need to see whether the games on the whole there are easy or not but will look further into it!

A little report on the boss media network now as well. Their software for multitabling in my opinion is poor. The buttons are far too fidgety and you see yourself making mistakes in raises. Also the alerts are poor. If you have 9 tables up you may find yourself sitting out of 3 games as you didn't know it was your turn. Maybe it's something to do with having to get used to the software which may well be the case. From grinding on it, it seemed to be relatively tight but not soo much so as to put me off putting in some sessions there. So i have this as an outlet of poker as well.

Well as i was writing this i sort of realised what i was going to do with myself which is nice lol. I am going to play on the boss, devilfish and crypto sites as i may well be most comfortable there until i hopefully build up some nice monies, of which i can then put 500 pounds into various other rooms that i know nothing about, and give them a test try. Hopefully get some monies in every single available poker room, try them all out, and then stick to a few and mix and match. Looking forward to the task. Also a little mention of the party poker network. Wouldn't mind somebody giving me a little bit of infor on what the 0.5/1$ and 0.25/0.5$ are like on there as well as the multis. Been put off playing there because of the no rakeback scheme but if there is a profit to be made there it would be worth my while.

More posts to come and may i direct you to my friend's blog in fenix35 who has just started it up. First post a good read and i hope he updates his as much as i do mine :)


Monday, 19 January 2009

Weekly review


Can't tell you any definite numbers as to what my profits were for this week but i believe it is in the margin of $5000 which isn't too bad for a 19 yr old student!!!
Im sort of nonchalant about making that sort of money because i have a sort of swagger about me that leads me to think i deserved it, if not more! The way i made the dosh was by sort of destroying the £20+ on the crypto network and one nice win on the boss media netowork for 450 euros. Right then, gonna attempt a list but i will be forgetting sum.

£9K GTD on crypto. Monday came second for £1800
Wednesday 5th for £650
Friday cashed for £70
Saturday cashed in 11th for around £80

£6K GTD on crypto. Monday came 5th for £300
I think 2 more cashes as well

Then about another 20 final tables to make up the rest and last but not least, i took a gamble by paying up the full whack of the SUNDAY £35K GTD ON CRYPTO OF £120 and FINAL TABLED IT :)

came 8th for £1050, had 6 BB's left and open shoved on the dealer button with 610 to be called and dominated by A10, annoying not to be live but i am happy with the week and long may it continue.

Starting to think now that i should make my way into playing more tourney poker than cash because i may be more successful in the long run. The way i may go about it is to play tournies whenever i have nights free to do so, and cash when i don't have too much time on my hands or if my days are gonna be disturbed quite frequently.

So there you have it. Continue playing guys, and keep reading. I will read you blogs if you hook me up with a comment so i know u care :) and will look forward to seeing how you guys are getting on thru ure blogs. Cya later people.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Last tourney day for a while is tomoz


I had a break even day today and was robbed in some tournaments of getting the big wonga i deserved, but it also, again, opened my eyes to the frailty of the tournament game in that the variation is massive. I therefore will play more cash games than tourney poker after tomorrow hoping to make a steady wage, and will play tournies on the side for fun. I hope to make a lot of money and will somehow make the grind entertaining.

Would love another big tourney win to help me rise up the limits, and its coming, a matter of when really. I have a good tourney technique that is worthy huge wins, because i have always been learning in the past about how to overcome frailties in my game and have realised now that ever decision i make is the best one possible at the time with the information given. No such thing anymore as tilt with me, everything locically thought out and acted out impeccably. This has to be the case as i am a semi pro and need to appreciate the value of money. And believe me i do. I'm prospering as many people in the world are going downhill with the economic downturn. I shouldn't even be seeing any sort of money as a student but see myself doing better than full timers, and i feel very happy about this.

There are also loads of nay sayers about what i do for a living with my brother and some friends thinking that i am a mad punter at the end of the day and will lose all my money in a mad session as i have done this in the past, but that won't happen again. I realise i am too good a poker player to fuck about with my money so i restrict myself to the poker games that i am comfortable in and see my account balance rise, simple as that really. I just need to be clever with the new found money, but will be investing in a new car shortly. If you have any ideas as to what a good first car should be comment :)

By the way people as you read this you may gather that i am writing it from the top of my head with no planning whatsoever really and feel that this style is much better than a methodical approach. I hope you agree and it shows just how my mind works, and as i am quite perverse :), my writings should be entertaining. I will continue to write fervantly in the coming weeks as this is quite thereputic and the analysis does help to make you play better. Watch out for some intriguing hand histories as well as reports on earnings and losses and news of what tournamnets i am taking down. I just hope i continue to write well and that you are enjoying reading this. If your not than it surprises me you have got this far, why are you still here, get out!

Look told you i was random lol, anyway good luck to all you guys and gl to me on my future pokering :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Tourney Update


Decidied that i am no longer going to play on full tilt or Pokerstars because they only serve to irritate me. The competition on it is harder and as the amount of entrants for the tourneys is so vast you see yourself play for hours only to be knocked out for a pittance of a profit if any. I just need to brace myself for more patience when i do decide to venture into playing a lot more on these sites and maybe only play sngs. I will remain on poker heaven and crypto for now, with the intention of branching out into the other european networks in due time.

Anyway talk of tonight, falied in every tourney i entered on pokerstars and full tilt for a loss of around 150 dollars, i played ok but found myself over playing QQ again annoyingly and wanting to smash up my laptop in anger about how that hand has treated me recently. On Pokerheaven much the same luck, but a lot of it was my own downfall as i was far into one tourney and accidentally called a quarter of my stack with 42 off suit to a big pre flop raise, the flop went check check, and on the turn i attempted an all in bluff to redeem for the mistake, but just dug the hole and buried myself by exiting the tourney prematurely. I like the site as the competition is relatively easy. And seems as if i could grind at a good wage on it.

On Crypto, i had a good night. I was up $670 by the end of it by playing a very small amount of cash and playing every tourney going from 5 30 onwards. I came third in the £1500 GTD midnight tourney, 2nd in the 600 euros gtd 10th in a £1000 GD, and made some other nice finishes for the profitable day. However i made a ton of mistakes that i am happy i have made them because i have rectified them, and look to have an even more profitable day tomoz.

Also need to wake up quite early tomorrow as i need to make 700 more mpps to qualify for the black £3000 freeroll as a will hill vip, which should be fun, would be nice to win it. Would be nice to go back to the old cash grind on the will hill layout as well. I have sort of missed it, instead playing on parbet under the name "Gaughan" but the change is why i have been so successful, it added a sort of freshness to proceedings with a different layout and different piccy to keep me company. The pic is of Keely Hazell and am sure that it has distracted players who are trying to play me, because there has to be a reason for the solid results!

I have been finding it hard to keep a spreadsheet of profits/losses of the year so far as i feel now that its all just a little too restricting. Might add pressure as well because if i have had a quality week i will be pressurising myself to maintain that rate when it may well be impossible due to variance. Also, i will always know in general terms how much i have made because the account balance of my usernames will be an indication as well as how much is in my barclays account.

I'm loving how i can skim monies off the top of my profits of the day by withdrawing, seems as though you have a goal to achieve and it feels good to get money banked and "safe".

Might get my family a new tv for the front room as tonight was a good night and i fancy treating them (or bribing) with a late xmas pressie. Obviously there will be rules with the tv, that i have ultimate control at all times and buying this tv will just add new powers to my repertoire. But in all honesty i am happy to make my family happy by buying em gifts now and agen, because its always better to give than to receive. Bought a paintballing day in effingham for my bro for his bday which cost a mint but it was really enjoyable and would have to say money well spent. Even though i got shot in the bollocks, i went down like a sack of spuds, and was moaning at a really high pitch sound. Could have murdered the one responsible, would have gone for the old pistol whip approach instead of shooting em, because that way i could have knock them out, and then shoot him :)

Hope you guys are playing well and i hope my good fortune at the tables continue. Good Luck!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

QQ the new JJ


Just had a little bad run with QQ over the past week and am considering putting it in the same bracket as JJ because i seem to get this hand all in against a monster. The hand is respected so much to the point that in a tourney its an almost insta all in but from now on i am not getting rowdy. Just a little update to say the slags aren't helping me and they need to live up to being called Queens im afraid.


Blog is back ppl!


Had a little break from the blogging because i fancied just getting on with things without analysing the fuck out of it, and had some pretty good results so far! I have been playing a lot more tournament poker then cash and have realised when i am on my game i can be lethal. On monday night i final tabled the two biggest tournies on Cryptologic, coming second in the £9K GTD losing all in with top pair and having the opponent catch two pair on the river for £1800, and came fifth in the £6K GTD when my QQ was all in pre flop against KK and i didn't get lucky for £360. The same night i was playing the 3500 euros GTD tourney on boss media to which i came third for 450 euros. I had some other final tables that night as well for an overall profit of around £2500 on monday so pretty amazing! Next day had a break and a Kit Kat. Then resumed tourney play.....

I final tabled the £9K GTD again tonight but came in fourth never really getting a good opportunity to rise to the top of the pack but would have been in good shape if my 55 all in pre flop held against a loose A7 call, but weren't meant to be and i won £675 for that. Nearly had the Final table on the £6K GTD again but the bloody QQ went all in against the KK again and lost, bloody slags. I also went far in the full tilt $20K GTD in at 20th for about $80 losing all in with 55 again against AJ. Got far in the 3500 GTD on boss as well but misplayed AA on a Q910 flop going all in despite how dangerous it looked and getting called by KJ, that hurt, could have been on for 1000 euros there but o well, lesson learned. Other final tables as well but nothing worth talking about.

As with the cash games i have been slightly out of sorts. I have not been playing well, been calling down people who are blatantly strong hoping they are bluffing. So i think i am breaking even at the moment with it.

Also something worthy of note is that i have two accounts on cryptologic now, "Gaughan" is the new one. And its on this that i have found tourney success, so i am going to continue. I think its becos i have a piccy of Keely Hazell on it that mesmerises the other players into doing silly stuff, because i have noticed a difference!

Plan as it stands is to play the tournies on full tilt and stars between $24-$60, on boss media between 10-60 euros and on crypto from £10-£55, i also wanna make sure i qualify for the sunday £35K GTD because the way i am playing at the moment, i could take it down, and i do fancy a new car :)

Hope you guys are still reading this and are playing good poker, but not too good tho, don't need the oppo to be too difficult, i would still fancy myself against ya regardless anyway :)

Saturday, 3 January 2009

erm maybe not


There is no way i can stick to just cash. I have lasted all of 7 hours playing cash to about a £200 profit which is very good, but as always with me i need to complicate things. I can't deal with the repetitive nature of the cash games and i start to play quite bad if i have already put in a lot of hours. So i need to go back to the drawing board and i think i have another solution.

All these solutions i would be surprised you could take me seriously but i will play cash until i just can't anymore because i have no enthusiasm towards it, at this point i get away from the comp and get exercising on my bike or weights or get my mind off things in some other way. Then try to return to the cash. If i am still not enthused, i will play the mtt's as a last resort and by this time i will be gagging for an alternative to cash and will be playing these tournies with a heightened thought process and more energy. When i am on a downswing with the tournies i make sure i cap the losses so they aren't too severe so i am on an overall profit, and then return to cash and look to play that until the natural cycle takes place where i go back to the mtts.

This will bode me well in the world of poker and i feel it will keep me on my toes mentally to adapt to either game with different strategies and will increase profitability because i always feel fresh. Of course there will be days where it will be impossible to play tournies because i have uni work to do and can only fit in an hour of cash. On these days i will definately feel good about playing cash because i know very shortly i am doing some real arduous uni work with anything else being a better alternative :P

My projection of £50000 a year is still on and i feel it is well within my grasy with a cool head and no sazzy moments. Cheers for reading people.

New Discipline


I have had a torrid time in the tourney and sit and go sector on cryptologic which has prodded me towards hardly ever playing them again. Too many a time i get tilty while i play them and spew money away all too quickly. With cash however i always seem to make a steady profit and it appears to me that i should only really ever play cash and only play one small tourney a day perhaps.

With cash as well you can get more rakeback and bonus deals because you are rake more heavily. Also as i can play up to 12 tables at a time i would be a fool not to take advantage of that skill while playing cash. Also i seem not to tilt on cash because i know i can't afford to on 12 tables and sort of play flawlessly, not necessarily correctly, but in each given situation i make a logical decision as to what the best move was, even if it was the incorrect one.

The reason i seemed to shy away from playing cash regularly was because for me it got monotonous and boring without much of a challenge for me because it seemed quite simple. That is whay i played tourney poker more regularly because there is an unmatched thrill of beat 100+ players to take away a large sum of money for a very small entry fee. However, i will avoid this rush by replacing this thrill with a want to play cash poker. And here is how i am going to do it people!

I will set up accounts on every site offering rakeback and good bonus deals, and play them as an alternative to the cryptologic cash games when i find them getting a little boring. This means i will need to adapt to a new style of play, a new interface and a different bankroll, which is exciting. As soon as i see myself getting bored i will just change site. Perfect!

I now look to move on up in the world on the back of this and start earning some serious money. Because it's all about the Houblons! (John Houblon, First governor of the bank of England, and currently placed on the back of a £50 note).