Monday, 19 January 2009

Weekly review


Can't tell you any definite numbers as to what my profits were for this week but i believe it is in the margin of $5000 which isn't too bad for a 19 yr old student!!!
Im sort of nonchalant about making that sort of money because i have a sort of swagger about me that leads me to think i deserved it, if not more! The way i made the dosh was by sort of destroying the £20+ on the crypto network and one nice win on the boss media netowork for 450 euros. Right then, gonna attempt a list but i will be forgetting sum.

£9K GTD on crypto. Monday came second for £1800
Wednesday 5th for £650
Friday cashed for £70
Saturday cashed in 11th for around £80

£6K GTD on crypto. Monday came 5th for £300
I think 2 more cashes as well

Then about another 20 final tables to make up the rest and last but not least, i took a gamble by paying up the full whack of the SUNDAY £35K GTD ON CRYPTO OF £120 and FINAL TABLED IT :)

came 8th for £1050, had 6 BB's left and open shoved on the dealer button with 610 to be called and dominated by A10, annoying not to be live but i am happy with the week and long may it continue.

Starting to think now that i should make my way into playing more tourney poker than cash because i may be more successful in the long run. The way i may go about it is to play tournies whenever i have nights free to do so, and cash when i don't have too much time on my hands or if my days are gonna be disturbed quite frequently.

So there you have it. Continue playing guys, and keep reading. I will read you blogs if you hook me up with a comment so i know u care :) and will look forward to seeing how you guys are getting on thru ure blogs. Cya later people.


  1. Think you are being a bit harsh on yourself with the final table perfromance in the £35k mate. At that level you need a spell of cards and you didn't seem to get any good runs.

    Good performance though well played!

  2. thank you wesley, do you play on crypto then?