Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Round up


Just thought i would do some maths to realise where i am with my bankroll. What follows now is whats in my account in each poker room.

William hill (Cryptologic) - £847 (most of it withdrawn)
Devilfish/Cardroom2 (B2B Entraction/Boss media) - 375 euros (started on
Parbet (Cryptologic)- $1991 (most of it withdrawn)
Bluesquare (Ipoker)- $500 (just deposited)
Poker Heaven (Boss Media)- 89 euros (most of it withdrawn)
Full Tilt Poker - $7 (TILTAGE started on $600)
Pokerstars - $7 (TILTAGE started on $600)

Total bankroll - 464 euros + $2505 + £847 = $4307/£3064/3263euros

Well thats the situation. I am owed £1200 and have a grand in the bank so i have £2200 in reserve to use for poker if necessary. What i will do with that is put those monies into the poker rooms i haven't looked into yet, primarily Partypoker, PurpleLounge Poker, Ultimate Bet and maybe one on the Cake network.

On around the 28th of each month i will do a list similar to the one above and i can have a little review of whats happening. I intend on travelling to events around the country also, but will only do it with disposable funds and if by any means i can't properly afford to go i won't. The £330 Deepstack in nottingham is enticing and that is two weeks away but that will set me back around £500 if i want to travel up there and back and for the hotel. If i make what i should make between now and then i will make the trip but we will have to see.



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