Saturday, 3 January 2009

erm maybe not


There is no way i can stick to just cash. I have lasted all of 7 hours playing cash to about a £200 profit which is very good, but as always with me i need to complicate things. I can't deal with the repetitive nature of the cash games and i start to play quite bad if i have already put in a lot of hours. So i need to go back to the drawing board and i think i have another solution.

All these solutions i would be surprised you could take me seriously but i will play cash until i just can't anymore because i have no enthusiasm towards it, at this point i get away from the comp and get exercising on my bike or weights or get my mind off things in some other way. Then try to return to the cash. If i am still not enthused, i will play the mtt's as a last resort and by this time i will be gagging for an alternative to cash and will be playing these tournies with a heightened thought process and more energy. When i am on a downswing with the tournies i make sure i cap the losses so they aren't too severe so i am on an overall profit, and then return to cash and look to play that until the natural cycle takes place where i go back to the mtts.

This will bode me well in the world of poker and i feel it will keep me on my toes mentally to adapt to either game with different strategies and will increase profitability because i always feel fresh. Of course there will be days where it will be impossible to play tournies because i have uni work to do and can only fit in an hour of cash. On these days i will definately feel good about playing cash because i know very shortly i am doing some real arduous uni work with anything else being a better alternative :P

My projection of £50000 a year is still on and i feel it is well within my grasy with a cool head and no sazzy moments. Cheers for reading people.


  1. Hey, how are you? Cool blog , I have added it -
    and I hope you can add mine.

    Then I hope we meet in Liverpool in Feb, you are very welcome.
    Lots of interest around our festival.

    Allan /

  2. Added, and i may go to liverpool, we'll see :)