Wednesday, 21 January 2009



Really annoyed at my play today. I donked out of the 9K GTD which seems to be my fav tourney of late in 14th place raising 1/4 of my stack pre flop with Q7 to be re raised all in and seemingly pot committed i called and lost. This was a demise as i was chip leader with about 30 to go. I confounded this mistake by making others in other tournaments including spunking all profits made on the devilfish site by entering the wild west tourney they have there. You can rebuy to whatever stack you like and to give myself a chance i stacked about10 times onf the original 5 euros entry or maybe more!

Feelings with the situtation now is to take tourney play with a pinch of salt if you cannot afford the swings. If i am trying to start up a balance from scracth on the site cash games is the answer and very small multis because you want low and assured variance to help your bankroll prosper before gambling with variance and entering higher buy in tournies.

One other thing, i was looking to buy some sort of poker jewellry so i can have it to hold to remind me not to play stupidly and when thinking about doing it i can look at it and play like a pro. No idea where to find this tho.


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  1. What about redepositing? Loads of sites have sick reload bonuses that might be worth looking in to.