Tuesday, 20 January 2009



Sort of in a state of limbo as to what to do with my baaaaaaaaad poker self as there are many options available to me. There are tons of sites i could use also to play on either cash or tournies. One thing i am realising is that for tournaments you really do have to have a lot of buy ins ready to play them consistently and that is why i saw a problem with pokerstars and Full tilt. I only had $400 in each and was playing $50 tournies, so my BR on those sites depleted quickly. Decided not to use them again for a while to concentrate on the more heavily orientated european poker rooms, because i believe that they will be softer. Maybe not a wise thought but i think it's fair to sat pokerstars and full tilt are two of the toughest rooms for cash, and in many ways tournies. Still to research fully into how fishy their sngs are but that is for a nother time when i feel like reloading on those sites

Back to the prediciment anyway. I started playing on Devilfish poker today and grinded on the 0.25/0.50 euros rooms there with a starting BR of 550E and in one sitting of about an hour got it up to 700E so i am happy with that. Got most of the monies from one generous individual in particular whom was giving me gifts :) It is an entriguing site. The software is great and the resizing of the tables is excellent. Still need to see whether the games on the whole there are easy or not but will look further into it!

A little report on the boss media network now as well. Their software for multitabling in my opinion is poor. The buttons are far too fidgety and you see yourself making mistakes in raises. Also the alerts are poor. If you have 9 tables up you may find yourself sitting out of 3 games as you didn't know it was your turn. Maybe it's something to do with having to get used to the software which may well be the case. From grinding on it, it seemed to be relatively tight but not soo much so as to put me off putting in some sessions there. So i have this as an outlet of poker as well.

Well as i was writing this i sort of realised what i was going to do with myself which is nice lol. I am going to play on the boss, devilfish and crypto sites as i may well be most comfortable there until i hopefully build up some nice monies, of which i can then put 500 pounds into various other rooms that i know nothing about, and give them a test try. Hopefully get some monies in every single available poker room, try them all out, and then stick to a few and mix and match. Looking forward to the task. Also a little mention of the party poker network. Wouldn't mind somebody giving me a little bit of infor on what the 0.5/1$ and 0.25/0.5$ are like on there as well as the multis. Been put off playing there because of the no rakeback scheme but if there is a profit to be made there it would be worth my while.

More posts to come and may i direct you to my friend's blog in fenix35 who has just started it up. First post a good read and i hope he updates his as much as i do mine :)


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