Monday, 26 January 2009

The "Tourney Bug"


Gonna be a grind this week on the cash games, looking to get 12 tables up at any one time and hit the games hard for the bonuses this week. Looking at playing 40 hours of 12 tables a week from now on which means on average i am looking at 40000 raked hands per week, which should be great for bonuses. This will hopefully allow myself to move up the limits quickly and i will only decide to make the move up if i have at least 50 buy ins available, so 5000 to go up to 0.50/1. Moreover, I am going to allow myself £100 a day to put towards only 2 tournaments maximum (so as to not get in the way of the cash grind too much) and this probably will be the £33 £6K GTD and the £55 £9K GTD on crypto.

Also I am going to be opening some new accounts, primarily on party poker, betfair and Purple Lounge. That should be fun and hope to get a good BR going on all of them. 500 is the amount i will start on, on each account and i will be playing on 10 BB's on each at the 0.25/0.5 limits at whatever currency the site uses. Confident that this is enough to have to start a roll, but if times are bad i will top up.

Would also like to add how i have shyed away from keeping records of my bankrolls profits and losses as it takes the emphasis away from the beauty of the game and how it should be played, and more on trying to hit targets for each day which only adds negative pressure. Also haven't been interested in getting any sort of pokertracker as trying to use these in addition to playing 12 tables would be murder. However, when the time comes i will purchase one as it will let me review all the hands i have played and i may be able to mend leaks against certain players and make sure my play becomes more profitable in the future.

There is also another point i would like to stress and that is that i blame tourney poker for hindering the amount of money i have made at this game. As i am nigh on addicted to playing them over cash games as the rush of winning one or doing well in one is unmatched in the field of poker. The cash games are sort of mondane unless you are playing out of your comfort zone. My point being is that if i started playing cash games primarily over tournies i would be much much more successful than i already have been as i would enjoy the cash games more and would be making a better profit and a much quicker rise up the stakes. But if you're infected with the "tourney bug" its always hard to concentrate fully on cash and be satisfied with its repetition. I am in effect a tourney player who is trying to play cash, and i will find it hard to become an out and out quality cash game player when i have the lure of the tourney game.


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