Friday, 25 February 2011

good day two days ago crap day yesterday


Two days ago i won two tournaments. A 10k gtd and a 5k gtd and some other final tables for a $5.2k up night. Yesterday had me final table bubble three biggies and i am down $700ish for the night. Not too bothered about that though as i am getting deep into the tournies i just need more of that lucky tp propel me forward to getting to the last three and ultimately winning.

Really enjoying the game at the moemnt. I need to be careful to do my uni work too now thought cos that could get easily ignored.

Monday, 21 February 2011


really frustrating night. I got unlucky in a good few tourns and if only i had run better for longer in some spots i could well be financially well off now :(

Anyway that isn't my real concern now, even thought that was a $1000 losing night. My main greivance is that sharskcope has me up for about $12k for the year, but i couldn't honestly tell you where those profits are in reality. It is as iss they have made them up because i would say that i am $8000 short according to my bank account and poker site cashiers. I am going to leave the game for a week just to let all withdrawals get into my bank so i can have a real look at what my financial situation is and then apply a 200 buy ins rule because unfortunately i may not be rolled to be playing as high as i have been anymore. Even though i am a winner in the games.

I guess it is patience though and being able to wait my turn for the spot to crush, so i will have to do that. Plus i have about 5 assignments for uni all due in next month so i really have to get a move on in starting them and poker will only serve as a distraction, so i am going to give it up until all my work is completed. So much easier said than done but i really need to be disciplined to make sure that the three years invested at uni isn't a complete waste and that i hopefully get that 2:1 (it's history i take btw for any of you that care!). So that is that going to come back feeling refreshed after the long break and i will be roaring to crush again.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Big Sunday Grind!

Im playing 21 tournaments across the euro biggies today probably a $3000 grind tonight. Bring on the huge binks! Gl to everyone else!

Going to put up a review on monday night. I hope i win something massive!