Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Up the Palace! Up the Poker!


Playing on full tilt and stars has helped my bankroll out a lot especially at the lower limits. 12 tabbing is always fun when the tables are relatively easy and i made $150 yesterday from my first serious grind which you gotta love!. If i keep that up i will be dancing in the streets before too long!

Going a little eskew now i would like to mention crystal palace football club. Why do we always deem it necessary to put the fans under the most immense pressure going just to feed some sort of lurid sadism fix it has. We couldn't nick a goal against WBA to make it all so easy after having a shot cleared off the line and Stern John going so close in the final minutes both of which i know most the fans thought were goals!

It felt like having 66 versus JJ all in pre flop and getting a 629 flop but then having it dramatically taken away by a J turn and an overkill J river. Massive game on sunday against Sheffield Wednesday. Both literally playing 90 mins for our survival in the league. Only a win is sufficient for them to stay up while we need a draw or better, but the game is to be play at Hillsborough, so the game is really up in the air.

The question is will it be like 2001 for us when we victoriously avoided relagation with a Dougie Freedman goal at Stocport or are we going down in dramatic fashion like we did in 2006 from the premiership like we did at Charlton. I am going up to Sheffield anyway to watch the game.

My record of watching away matches consists of 14 non wins. One of the most elaborate being watching Ireland against France at the Stade de France when Thierry Henry decided to play a bit of gaelic football. Absolutely devastated. It was more the hope that was raised with the Keano goal being quashed so qucikly in that fashion when we had chances to win the game. Ah i was inconsolable. I hope that this isn't the case on sunday. I don't even care if we don't win either because of this annoying away day jynx i have. Just please can we stay up?

On another note i will like to draw all of your attention to the new Gcasino website. I had a little spin of the games like Deal or no deal and thought they were pretty good. The poker site though i liked most. Its on ipoker and the design is quite alluring to the eye in dark and light blue colours, but trying not to sound like a big advertisement, the main reason i am saying all this is because they are doing a freeroll promo where they are giving away £500 a day from now on in daily freerolls. And on some days even giving away £1000 or £1500 in freerolls, they guarentee at least half get paid as well which is odd but it still keeps enough of a heavy weighting up top to make it all worth while. Think you should all give it a look esp if you are a freeroll specialist. What i would do is press this link sign up and enjoy the freerolls. If you play them all you will get a free roll there (see what i did :)) and who knows what could happen next.

My outlook is good for my new tyoe of game i play and realise that i should have played this for a lot longer than just the last week or two! But whats the most important thing about all this is that i am enjoying my poker again and can't wait to be playing again. Cue the grinding!


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Loving it


Well i have changed the type of sng i am playing and all of a sudden eveything is looking up. If you want to know the specifics i used to be playing double your money games to limited success. The games have got alarmingly tight and tough in those and my profits were definately limited. It was good for getting rakeback though in a very low variance way but i just wasnt making that much money.

Decided now to play 45 mans down to 9/10 mans and to 9 table them religiously for 10 hours a day, preferring to stick to the slower versions of the game as the turbos go too quick for me and i can never multi table them well. The rush of coming first in any form of tourney is great and these little mini rushes i get when i take one down really is a perk for me that keeps me content to play for long hours. Previously in my cash or double your money forays i was left bored and may well often start playing poorly. I hope now i won't be as i am studying my game a lot more, watching training vids and learning the exact maths of when to push or fold. Found out what i was doing previously was near enough the right thing to do but i have needed to tweak a few things and i have noticed there are some anomolies that have been left unanswered for me that i will post up on here to try and get some answers from you.

All i would like to get across in this post is that the fire has been relit in me. My enthusiasm has sky rocketed and i just know now that i am on course to make the big bucks and really enjoy the cushty living that playing poker well can give you. Roll on the big scores and steady winning!


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Calm Before the Storm

Today i feel really good. Not about my poker in the past week or two because i have hardly played and when i have i have been slightly idiotic and loose, not really caring. But its dawned on me that i just havent been enjoying the game as much as i used to.

Scared in ways that i am not good enough to keep up even in the lower sngs and multis. Always wondering whether or not i did the right thing and always assuming i didn't. Because of this i'm getting bored very quickly with proceedings and opting for a more inane thing to do like ps3 or watching a film. Noticed that when i feel confident in my plays and self assured that i normally kill whatever game i play, mainly sngs and multis (self proclaimed fish at cash, but maybe i might give a fuck about improving myself in that?). My lack of confidence is because i am beating myself up about not being rolled enough to play higher multis and what is happeneing is i am winning loads one day and then the other i can tarnish all the good work when i feel shitty about the low stakes situation i have put myself in.

It's a sort of vicious cycle but i know there is only one way to get out of that and that is to face this shiz full on. Change all my bad habits and i mean all of them. I'm going to go cold turkey on everything i feel may be detrimental to my poker play. No booze, no junk food, more breaks in between poker sessions, more exercise and making sure that i leave myself no time to be completely bone idle. With this i will generally feel better. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Never had a healthy body. So does that mean all other fat people are as insane as me?

Going through a slight transition period now. I have realised that i am really looking forward to going back to uni for my final year in september and that i am going flat out to get the best grade possible and with that guarentee of a degree i then, hopefully, have avenues open to me to pursue if poker doesn't work out for me.

ATM i'm stuttering like Gareth Gates but i can't honestly say i haven't made any genuine efforts to pull myself out of the hole. Today i am going to grind sngs in the way i know how, to make enough money to buy the services of an online training site. With the added education should come assurance in that what i have been doing in these sngs was altogether correct but needed a little bit of fine tuning. I could live with that. If i find out i am a fish from some self important dude narrating over his plays in a mock up sng, i won't be best pleased. I wouldn't know how to tell everyone else using the site that he is wrong :P

So plan is. Go to the gym every day. Eat healthily = increased capacity to maintain concetration levels for longer. Gotta also learn from pros online through these training vids = more assurance in my own plays = more money = the want to play longer hours = when was the last time you got away with mixing maths and english through the use of a " = " sign?

Anyways i just think now this is the calm before the storm and all of a sudden this blog will turn into cringeworthy brag reading over and over and hopefully over again.