Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Museum trip, o joy.


Today i had to go to two museums today to write up 1500 words reviews on each for my History course. Not many pieces of work as boring as this as the other courses are very interesting. We can get to look into football hooliganism if we want to and stuff of this sort so i am always engaged with this, but this museum trip was as boring as it sounds, and even worse, I doing this on my own. But saw the funniest thing today.

Was walking through the park on the way to one of the museums and i saw a couple walking on the grass, the bloke had brought a ball with him to give himself some entertainment if the other half was giving him greif or whatever. Anyway shit went down here!

The guy was trailing the girlfriend by some way and i noticed he saw the football just in front of her as she was walking with it, kicking it delicately. The guys face then turned into a fit of raw, animalistic determination as he went on a dash towards the girlfriend. I'm thinking hes not attempting what i think he is, is he? He gets closer and im thinking, he's not slowing down here he's going through her to get the ball!

The saving grace here would be that he would come in at some sort of angle to make a hook sliding challenge so you take less of the man and more of the ball, but no, hes gone straight through her!

I think what started as an aggressive joke turned into heartbreak as the girlfriend was wheeling on the floor, screeching, and the guy got very apologetic all of a sudden. I had to turn away to stop laughing as he just weren't thinking straight the poor lad.

I guess this could be related to the world of poker. The guy (average Joe losing poker player) was hypnotised by getting the ball (first prize and the glory) without taking into consideration the poor girlfriend (the rest of the playing field). He should have really just carressed the girl and took the ball with some style, keeping everyone happy.


I clearly have too much time on my hands.

take it easy.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Poker break


I will only be playing poker on and off until mid may and my exams for uni are all done with. Might as well put in the effort with the books for this short burst and then appreciate the massive holiday until september to get more serious with poker and my £11K roll. Annoying though because my roll should be more like £14K if not for silly tiltages that i had straight after a big win. This involved not giving a damn about losing over £500 a spell because i was always comparing it to the big payday i had before.

When i come back i am going to be playing more cash games, more sngs and less multis. Wanna mix it up and see if a solid cash game can fund the variance of the multis (where i am best at) or maybe sngs will be my calling ground from now on as it ties in a multi into a quicker timeframe. Maybe its the fact i have good patience that multis have always suited me, but i need to exapnd myself to see where i can make the most consistent wonga.

The bet with amatay was called off as both of us lost our bollocks completely quoting how we thought the other was out of this world. So $50 is staying with me!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lucky Grind

Right then

its 8am and as of the last 16 hours i have had £3500 in winnings. Not sure how much i am up since my last post but i have been putting huge volumes in. I think its the reason why i am always talking about a decent final table because any muppet can reach one if they play hundreds. It's all about profitability though and at the moment tournies are treating me fine.

Today i got the most monies from a third place finish in a $10K GTD for $1000 and a 5th place finish in a $100K gtd for $5000. I cashed in some others but i had a lot of dud tournies that i feel are dud because i am playing too many tables. I can finally hold my hands up and admit to Cos (my friend whose blog "10 buy ins" is on the list to your left) that i should be playing less tables. It's hard for me though because there are a lot of tournies that look so appealing around the same time! If i was to not play on so many tables i would probs be more profitable, but we shall see what i do in later posts.

By the way, all the recent positive results you have been hearing have all been played on what i call the "baby-maker" (My Dell XPS M1530) laptop which has seen me put in much better performances on a screen that makes all the tables appear smaller, and therefore more manageable to tile while multitabling. £1500 it cost me, but it has paid for itself already, and hopefully it will pay for a few more things (house, holidays, protection money etc. etc.)

Have to admit i can hardly keep my eyes open. Was playing the $100K GTD for 9 and a half hours and it started at 9pm. I blame that time frame where i should be asleep for me not coming first as i was second in chips at one point but i was spazzing out as i am prone to doing. Not fair though when you can hardly see the screen in front of you as you have been playing for a combined total of 16 hours in one day!

Would like to metion also i met up with Amatay and Cos on friday night for a session down at the empire casino. Cos and I were around £200 down and Amagay was up £55 lol So technically making him quite possibly the greatest player alive, but as im not content with this i have offered him a small wager to see who will rake in more tourney points in the pocket fives leaderboard from tuesday for two weeks.

I will update this blog with details about this even if i am getting spanked and should be interesting, was nice to see amatay was getting his excuses in early saying "but you play more than me" but sounds like gruffnut talk to me as Platonic would put it lol. I think it will be close anyway as i will be playing less as i have revision for exams, so probs about the same volume. There you go gruffnut talk from me as well.

I am going to love you guys and leave you for the time being but next time i blog which could be in the next couple of days i am thinking about proposing a "Blog a day Guarentee" to stop this from stagnating and to keep the adoring fans on board daily. Would have to concur if i do this the content may not be as exciting but my artistic approach to writing and keen eye for entertaining stories should keep you all coming back for more :P

Gl peeps.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

And so the torture begins.....


Down about £500 since that magical friday night, which is annoying but its mainly because i have been getting real bad tiredness spells while playing. I get enough sleep but the diet of pizzas and other take away meals has meant i am not even fit enough to sit at a laptop without wanting to sleep. Pretty dire i think you would agree. But i can't be bothered to exercise. So a little problem here lol.

Had about 12 tables open of quite high buy in tournies, started really buzzing and up for the occasion, playing well. Then it hit me and i was in dire straights bowing out of 10 of the tournaments without cashing and having to take 30 mins to have a nap before returning to the 2 i had left open. Obviously now really short stacked but managed to be only down about £200 because i cashed in both. Then went on a mental cash game session this morning and tilted.

Remedy is to start exercising and eating better, and everyone can do that right? lol nahhh much easier to spend years learning how to play poker in a decent fashion than to spend 2 weeks to get into shape. But its a battle and i will have to do it to maintain profitablity in poker.

I'm writing this now sprawled across my bed with laptop on chest having not moved for the last two hours, and it feels good, but one must change dammit!


Saturday, 4 April 2009

$20K GTD win, $5K GTD 2nd place and Betfair $20K Bubble

Hey Ho

Bit of an upswing day you could say lol! I won $5000 from a $55 entry $20K GTD by coming first and came second in the $5K GTD for $755. Also bubbled the betfair biggie for just double my buy in annoyingly, so around $240. This was against the losses of playing about 13 other tournies and losing in them. I shouldn't have been playing as many tournies as i did and i am disgruntled i did it. Lesson learned not to play when you don't have control and i didn't tonight. So profits for tonight then stand at around $5500. in the past week i have also won over $1000 on ongame and took down $1250 in the $4000gtd on ipoker but the latter only broke me even on network.

Lemme describe the big win. I was a complete luckbox again. QQ>KK KK>AA 36>10K JK>A6 and three other flips i all won. I think there are more even that i cant remember lol. I am thinking that even though i have been having good success, it hasn't been done in a completely reassuring nature. I have basically been lucky in all of the times i have hit big scores. This even goes back to the Empire win. Thing is though i have taken lots of pots down unopposed by being coy and aggressive minimising the gambling element of the game as i was trying to avoid showdowns. I normally accrue a lot of unopposed chips so that when i do get into a tricky spot the loss in chips will only be a partial blow to the stack. This means that i keep pushing other players late on in a tourney with marginal holdings when i know they are likely to fold. When they don't i am holding a hand like 87suited which is normally always live to call down their re raise all in of say AJ or something. So i get in lots of spots where i need to suckout and when i do i normally play well enough to take down that tourney or at least get heads up, when i don't i play the waiting game with a shorter stack to pounce when a big hand comes along to go all in and then go on to win the tourney lol. So i have been lucky when i have won a tourney but you could say that is just mys style? I dunno.

The massive thing i have learned is not to play your cards in the latter stages of a tourney but instead the other players, the blinds and the chipstacks. There is so much dead money out there to be stolen that it just has to be done and i go for it if i have a 20 big blind stack or above and look to start accruing unopposed chips with marginal holdings as i know the spots where i do put a raise in i am more than likely taking it down. Problem with this is that you get a reputation. But what can people do against you if they don't have the holdings. You could raise sumones blind with 72 and they call with QJ looking to defend because they know i am full of it. Flop A83 he checks, i pot in a continuation bet in position and then geronimo i take the pot down with no worries. It's all about guaging your opponents and the situtation and the importance of position is fucking crucial.

I will go on tomoz to try and dominate some more tournies but maybe try and play less but play better in them, maybe a max of 12 and see where i can go from there. I don't know what buy in range i will be playing either but one thing i do know is i normally excel in the tournies with less than 500 people because i can often get really restless if i am involved with anymore, so i might look to have that as a rule, meaning i am not playing anymore full tilt or pokerstars tournies for the time being. I am thousands in the red on those sites for spazzing out in them because of how weighted their payout structure is towards the final table and if there are 5000 runners it can be distressing if you come 20th for only 5x the buy in or whatever.

Btw a big thank you to yorkshire pud for giving me a shoutout on his blog :)

Good luck people.