Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Museum trip, o joy.


Today i had to go to two museums today to write up 1500 words reviews on each for my History course. Not many pieces of work as boring as this as the other courses are very interesting. We can get to look into football hooliganism if we want to and stuff of this sort so i am always engaged with this, but this museum trip was as boring as it sounds, and even worse, I doing this on my own. But saw the funniest thing today.

Was walking through the park on the way to one of the museums and i saw a couple walking on the grass, the bloke had brought a ball with him to give himself some entertainment if the other half was giving him greif or whatever. Anyway shit went down here!

The guy was trailing the girlfriend by some way and i noticed he saw the football just in front of her as she was walking with it, kicking it delicately. The guys face then turned into a fit of raw, animalistic determination as he went on a dash towards the girlfriend. I'm thinking hes not attempting what i think he is, is he? He gets closer and im thinking, he's not slowing down here he's going through her to get the ball!

The saving grace here would be that he would come in at some sort of angle to make a hook sliding challenge so you take less of the man and more of the ball, but no, hes gone straight through her!

I think what started as an aggressive joke turned into heartbreak as the girlfriend was wheeling on the floor, screeching, and the guy got very apologetic all of a sudden. I had to turn away to stop laughing as he just weren't thinking straight the poor lad.

I guess this could be related to the world of poker. The guy (average Joe losing poker player) was hypnotised by getting the ball (first prize and the glory) without taking into consideration the poor girlfriend (the rest of the playing field). He should have really just carressed the girl and took the ball with some style, keeping everyone happy.


I clearly have too much time on my hands.

take it easy.


  1. Wtf... that was how I broke up with my ex.

  2. Lol, i bet she deserved it and all?