Monday, 20 April 2009

Poker break


I will only be playing poker on and off until mid may and my exams for uni are all done with. Might as well put in the effort with the books for this short burst and then appreciate the massive holiday until september to get more serious with poker and my £11K roll. Annoying though because my roll should be more like £14K if not for silly tiltages that i had straight after a big win. This involved not giving a damn about losing over £500 a spell because i was always comparing it to the big payday i had before.

When i come back i am going to be playing more cash games, more sngs and less multis. Wanna mix it up and see if a solid cash game can fund the variance of the multis (where i am best at) or maybe sngs will be my calling ground from now on as it ties in a multi into a quicker timeframe. Maybe its the fact i have good patience that multis have always suited me, but i need to exapnd myself to see where i can make the most consistent wonga.

The bet with amatay was called off as both of us lost our bollocks completely quoting how we thought the other was out of this world. So $50 is staying with me!

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