Saturday, 4 April 2009

$20K GTD win, $5K GTD 2nd place and Betfair $20K Bubble

Hey Ho

Bit of an upswing day you could say lol! I won $5000 from a $55 entry $20K GTD by coming first and came second in the $5K GTD for $755. Also bubbled the betfair biggie for just double my buy in annoyingly, so around $240. This was against the losses of playing about 13 other tournies and losing in them. I shouldn't have been playing as many tournies as i did and i am disgruntled i did it. Lesson learned not to play when you don't have control and i didn't tonight. So profits for tonight then stand at around $5500. in the past week i have also won over $1000 on ongame and took down $1250 in the $4000gtd on ipoker but the latter only broke me even on network.

Lemme describe the big win. I was a complete luckbox again. QQ>KK KK>AA 36>10K JK>A6 and three other flips i all won. I think there are more even that i cant remember lol. I am thinking that even though i have been having good success, it hasn't been done in a completely reassuring nature. I have basically been lucky in all of the times i have hit big scores. This even goes back to the Empire win. Thing is though i have taken lots of pots down unopposed by being coy and aggressive minimising the gambling element of the game as i was trying to avoid showdowns. I normally accrue a lot of unopposed chips so that when i do get into a tricky spot the loss in chips will only be a partial blow to the stack. This means that i keep pushing other players late on in a tourney with marginal holdings when i know they are likely to fold. When they don't i am holding a hand like 87suited which is normally always live to call down their re raise all in of say AJ or something. So i get in lots of spots where i need to suckout and when i do i normally play well enough to take down that tourney or at least get heads up, when i don't i play the waiting game with a shorter stack to pounce when a big hand comes along to go all in and then go on to win the tourney lol. So i have been lucky when i have won a tourney but you could say that is just mys style? I dunno.

The massive thing i have learned is not to play your cards in the latter stages of a tourney but instead the other players, the blinds and the chipstacks. There is so much dead money out there to be stolen that it just has to be done and i go for it if i have a 20 big blind stack or above and look to start accruing unopposed chips with marginal holdings as i know the spots where i do put a raise in i am more than likely taking it down. Problem with this is that you get a reputation. But what can people do against you if they don't have the holdings. You could raise sumones blind with 72 and they call with QJ looking to defend because they know i am full of it. Flop A83 he checks, i pot in a continuation bet in position and then geronimo i take the pot down with no worries. It's all about guaging your opponents and the situtation and the importance of position is fucking crucial.

I will go on tomoz to try and dominate some more tournies but maybe try and play less but play better in them, maybe a max of 12 and see where i can go from there. I don't know what buy in range i will be playing either but one thing i do know is i normally excel in the tournies with less than 500 people because i can often get really restless if i am involved with anymore, so i might look to have that as a rule, meaning i am not playing anymore full tilt or pokerstars tournies for the time being. I am thousands in the red on those sites for spazzing out in them because of how weighted their payout structure is towards the final table and if there are 5000 runners it can be distressing if you come 20th for only 5x the buy in or whatever.

Btw a big thank you to yorkshire pud for giving me a shoutout on his blog :)

Good luck people.