Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lucky Grind

Right then

its 8am and as of the last 16 hours i have had £3500 in winnings. Not sure how much i am up since my last post but i have been putting huge volumes in. I think its the reason why i am always talking about a decent final table because any muppet can reach one if they play hundreds. It's all about profitability though and at the moment tournies are treating me fine.

Today i got the most monies from a third place finish in a $10K GTD for $1000 and a 5th place finish in a $100K gtd for $5000. I cashed in some others but i had a lot of dud tournies that i feel are dud because i am playing too many tables. I can finally hold my hands up and admit to Cos (my friend whose blog "10 buy ins" is on the list to your left) that i should be playing less tables. It's hard for me though because there are a lot of tournies that look so appealing around the same time! If i was to not play on so many tables i would probs be more profitable, but we shall see what i do in later posts.

By the way, all the recent positive results you have been hearing have all been played on what i call the "baby-maker" (My Dell XPS M1530) laptop which has seen me put in much better performances on a screen that makes all the tables appear smaller, and therefore more manageable to tile while multitabling. £1500 it cost me, but it has paid for itself already, and hopefully it will pay for a few more things (house, holidays, protection money etc. etc.)

Have to admit i can hardly keep my eyes open. Was playing the $100K GTD for 9 and a half hours and it started at 9pm. I blame that time frame where i should be asleep for me not coming first as i was second in chips at one point but i was spazzing out as i am prone to doing. Not fair though when you can hardly see the screen in front of you as you have been playing for a combined total of 16 hours in one day!

Would like to metion also i met up with Amatay and Cos on friday night for a session down at the empire casino. Cos and I were around £200 down and Amagay was up £55 lol So technically making him quite possibly the greatest player alive, but as im not content with this i have offered him a small wager to see who will rake in more tourney points in the pocket fives leaderboard from tuesday for two weeks.

I will update this blog with details about this even if i am getting spanked and should be interesting, was nice to see amatay was getting his excuses in early saying "but you play more than me" but sounds like gruffnut talk to me as Platonic would put it lol. I think it will be close anyway as i will be playing less as i have revision for exams, so probs about the same volume. There you go gruffnut talk from me as well.

I am going to love you guys and leave you for the time being but next time i blog which could be in the next couple of days i am thinking about proposing a "Blog a day Guarentee" to stop this from stagnating and to keep the adoring fans on board daily. Would have to concur if i do this the content may not be as exciting but my artistic approach to writing and keen eye for entertaining stories should keep you all coming back for more :P

Gl peeps.

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