Tuesday, 7 April 2009

And so the torture begins.....


Down about £500 since that magical friday night, which is annoying but its mainly because i have been getting real bad tiredness spells while playing. I get enough sleep but the diet of pizzas and other take away meals has meant i am not even fit enough to sit at a laptop without wanting to sleep. Pretty dire i think you would agree. But i can't be bothered to exercise. So a little problem here lol.

Had about 12 tables open of quite high buy in tournies, started really buzzing and up for the occasion, playing well. Then it hit me and i was in dire straights bowing out of 10 of the tournaments without cashing and having to take 30 mins to have a nap before returning to the 2 i had left open. Obviously now really short stacked but managed to be only down about £200 because i cashed in both. Then went on a mental cash game session this morning and tilted.

Remedy is to start exercising and eating better, and everyone can do that right? lol nahhh much easier to spend years learning how to play poker in a decent fashion than to spend 2 weeks to get into shape. But its a battle and i will have to do it to maintain profitablity in poker.

I'm writing this now sprawled across my bed with laptop on chest having not moved for the last two hours, and it feels good, but one must change dammit!



  1. Exercise does sort ur head out and make u play better fish. I recommend at least 3 wanks per day minimum, gl

  2. Nice result yesterday maye, well done