Saturday, 7 November 2009

Deal or no Deal?


Just won $2.8k on stars making my weekley earnings on there around $5K, which ain't bad! lol. I think i might just start grinding on here for the rest of my life if this continues. However, my sleeping pattern is adjusted with American time so i have no life really, just money making seems to be the only thing going for me lol.

Back to the tourney anyway. I just played my usual game and found that i was ripping guys to shreds. It was only a $5.50 2R1A ($20.50) tourney so this is probably why i found it so easy. However, the final table had no play in it because everyone was in or on around 10 bbs apart from a runaway chip leader. With 8 left it soon became a lottery and by this time i was showing my yellow belly and frantically e mailing pokerstars support for a mod to come on and arrange a deal. That was with 8 left!. One thing led to another and we're left with 5. The mod decides to turn up and the shit gets sorted and i dealt from last position with like 6 big blinds left lol.

This was fine, don't think i had another alternative but to take the money, but it was the request of the mod to play out the tourney that annoyed me, while he watched. Apparently we need to play out the game so that afterwards the money situation can be sorted. So an idea came to my head. This is our very own deal or no deal poker version! Should he have taken the money, should he have played on, there is only one question deal or no deal! I got everyone on board with this concept and we all seriously played for an hour afterwards for no apprent reason really but just for curiosity's sake. It was a beautiful sight really. This was poker at its finest. Not for the money but just for the love of the game

So Should i have dealt?

Congratulations on your finish in tournament #209010675! You agreed to a deal at the final table to adjust the payouts as follows:

When the tournament ended, you were automatically credited with the official place 2 payout of USD 4,049.10.

The difference between this amount and the amount to which you agreed in the deal is USD 1,257.05, and this amount has been debited from your account. You will find this transaction in the cashier history at this time.


I came 2nd, and not only do they let us play it out to beat ourselves up about it, they place the money you would have won in your account and then take it away from you once they sort out the proper, agreed payout. I was staring at the balance in my cashier thinking you want to stay here don't you, you beautiful $1257.05 yeeeeeeeh you want to become a weeks intense driving lesson programme don't you, maybe then i can buy a car and drive on the road and shit, yehhhhhh. But not to be. It was taken out and i was left disgusted with the world.

Meh at least i am cheating on my sharkscope hehe, i believe i will have profits showing of $1200 more than i should which is fine by me lol. Makes me look more menacing to the fishes but maybe will make it harder to make use of my premiums if they always think i have it. O well hu knows.

Well i am off to bed now but as a parting gesture, Fenix35, if you're reading this, be very afraid, my br was at £500 two weeks ago but im coming for you. You and ure $50K bankroll aint safe from me. Once i pass you im gonna first mooney you, then do the Jay Z dance towards you. Then runaway into the hundreds of thousands just like on an ice cream cone. So tasty.

Gl peeps

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

BOOM! Back Baby!


Well after my last post it probably looked all doom and gloom for the Antster (and yes i will assign myself in the third person while putting a cockney twist in it for good measure) but since my bankroll was at a measley 800 euros i have had two very big wins. Both coming in 2000+ minefield pokerstars tournies where i placed a third and a fourth for $2K a pop wagering $11 in the first and $15 in the second one, both results coming 3 days after eachother. I was so busy transferring that money onto softer euro sites that i had no time at all to gloat on here but here i am :)

My record across three euro sites in particular is great, with a standard positive roi of over 80% and 100's of games to boot on each one hopefully means that sorta result making isn't luck. I'm just going to be ridiculously stringent now with my bankroll and abuse these euro sites in particular because i find them more bearable than the massive fields of the american sites. With a

I also learned a major thing in the past few days. Never mix euro site mtts with at most around 300 runners with full tilt or pokerstars tournies of 3000 odd runners. This will just lead to annoyance over how many you have left to conquer on the american sites and just aggrevate you enough to play poorly too on the euro sites. That is why i am playing the euro sites during the peak times of say 5-m - 11pm and then when those tourneys are done and i don't want sleep lol i can play on the american site tournies out of those times. Particularly the mtt sngs they have going the 90 mans, 45 mans, and 27 mans. I know when combining these with the 3000+ mtts it won't be pretty but it sorta feels right when ure only playing on two sites and know what to expect.

Revelations here as i write, i have had a downspell since the wins on pokerstars and realise that if i dnt cash in one tourney tonight my life bankroll will be at £1600/1806 euros/$2500 dollars. After being at a peak of say $5000 dollars. Easy come easy go right. Just shows you talking about br management doesn't make you utilise it! Been playing 10rs and $50 freezeouts since which i guess isn't horrendous but i may need to be a lot tighter.

To be fair as well since the win i have spent around £600 dealing with some other shit. Also, i need to stress that I have taken into account all the rebuys i am likely to spend in the tourneys tongiht and i am playing about 20, so would be unlucky for me not to add to that proposed BR stated above.

Anyway i am in a great mood approaching the Slovenia trip having been quickly backed for the 30% i eventually decided to giveaway, and i feel that i will be bringing a good game to that tourney. A bink here would be amazing as i think the estimated prize for first is between 50-100k euros so that wud be a win of a lifetime. I will be playing for first and if i get the opportunity to play the bubble i will be doing so aggressively avoiding other likeminded people and those with AA! hehe.

Really need to start reading other blogs, apart from the ones on my list and should get my networking shoes on but i guess it's something i am unlikely to get around to too soon, saying that though i could start tomorrow if i was bored!

A big thank you to the new guys that are starting to follow me on this blog along with the older ones, it's real nice to know that you appreciate this, and don't forget to leave comments. I'm pretty sure that is why every blogger blogs, well that and advertisement money, *cough*Amatay*cough* :)

Cheers guys