Thursday, 15 April 2010

Loving it


Well i have changed the type of sng i am playing and all of a sudden eveything is looking up. If you want to know the specifics i used to be playing double your money games to limited success. The games have got alarmingly tight and tough in those and my profits were definately limited. It was good for getting rakeback though in a very low variance way but i just wasnt making that much money.

Decided now to play 45 mans down to 9/10 mans and to 9 table them religiously for 10 hours a day, preferring to stick to the slower versions of the game as the turbos go too quick for me and i can never multi table them well. The rush of coming first in any form of tourney is great and these little mini rushes i get when i take one down really is a perk for me that keeps me content to play for long hours. Previously in my cash or double your money forays i was left bored and may well often start playing poorly. I hope now i won't be as i am studying my game a lot more, watching training vids and learning the exact maths of when to push or fold. Found out what i was doing previously was near enough the right thing to do but i have needed to tweak a few things and i have noticed there are some anomolies that have been left unanswered for me that i will post up on here to try and get some answers from you.

All i would like to get across in this post is that the fire has been relit in me. My enthusiasm has sky rocketed and i just know now that i am on course to make the big bucks and really enjoy the cushty living that playing poker well can give you. Roll on the big scores and steady winning!



  1. very different to your last post no?! all about tweeking things here and there and the game returns.

  2. Best of luck in your new venture. The 45's have got tougher in recent times but they are still very beatable IMO

  3. ftp i believe but i will be playing here and there on stars