Thursday, 15 January 2009

Blog is back ppl!


Had a little break from the blogging because i fancied just getting on with things without analysing the fuck out of it, and had some pretty good results so far! I have been playing a lot more tournament poker then cash and have realised when i am on my game i can be lethal. On monday night i final tabled the two biggest tournies on Cryptologic, coming second in the £9K GTD losing all in with top pair and having the opponent catch two pair on the river for £1800, and came fifth in the £6K GTD when my QQ was all in pre flop against KK and i didn't get lucky for £360. The same night i was playing the 3500 euros GTD tourney on boss media to which i came third for 450 euros. I had some other final tables that night as well for an overall profit of around £2500 on monday so pretty amazing! Next day had a break and a Kit Kat. Then resumed tourney play.....

I final tabled the £9K GTD again tonight but came in fourth never really getting a good opportunity to rise to the top of the pack but would have been in good shape if my 55 all in pre flop held against a loose A7 call, but weren't meant to be and i won £675 for that. Nearly had the Final table on the £6K GTD again but the bloody QQ went all in against the KK again and lost, bloody slags. I also went far in the full tilt $20K GTD in at 20th for about $80 losing all in with 55 again against AJ. Got far in the 3500 GTD on boss as well but misplayed AA on a Q910 flop going all in despite how dangerous it looked and getting called by KJ, that hurt, could have been on for 1000 euros there but o well, lesson learned. Other final tables as well but nothing worth talking about.

As with the cash games i have been slightly out of sorts. I have not been playing well, been calling down people who are blatantly strong hoping they are bluffing. So i think i am breaking even at the moment with it.

Also something worthy of note is that i have two accounts on cryptologic now, "Gaughan" is the new one. And its on this that i have found tourney success, so i am going to continue. I think its becos i have a piccy of Keely Hazell on it that mesmerises the other players into doing silly stuff, because i have noticed a difference!

Plan as it stands is to play the tournies on full tilt and stars between $24-$60, on boss media between 10-60 euros and on crypto from £10-£55, i also wanna make sure i qualify for the sunday £35K GTD because the way i am playing at the moment, i could take it down, and i do fancy a new car :)

Hope you guys are still reading this and are playing good poker, but not too good tho, don't need the oppo to be too difficult, i would still fancy myself against ya regardless anyway :)

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