Sunday, 18 January 2009

Last tourney day for a while is tomoz


I had a break even day today and was robbed in some tournaments of getting the big wonga i deserved, but it also, again, opened my eyes to the frailty of the tournament game in that the variation is massive. I therefore will play more cash games than tourney poker after tomorrow hoping to make a steady wage, and will play tournies on the side for fun. I hope to make a lot of money and will somehow make the grind entertaining.

Would love another big tourney win to help me rise up the limits, and its coming, a matter of when really. I have a good tourney technique that is worthy huge wins, because i have always been learning in the past about how to overcome frailties in my game and have realised now that ever decision i make is the best one possible at the time with the information given. No such thing anymore as tilt with me, everything locically thought out and acted out impeccably. This has to be the case as i am a semi pro and need to appreciate the value of money. And believe me i do. I'm prospering as many people in the world are going downhill with the economic downturn. I shouldn't even be seeing any sort of money as a student but see myself doing better than full timers, and i feel very happy about this.

There are also loads of nay sayers about what i do for a living with my brother and some friends thinking that i am a mad punter at the end of the day and will lose all my money in a mad session as i have done this in the past, but that won't happen again. I realise i am too good a poker player to fuck about with my money so i restrict myself to the poker games that i am comfortable in and see my account balance rise, simple as that really. I just need to be clever with the new found money, but will be investing in a new car shortly. If you have any ideas as to what a good first car should be comment :)

By the way people as you read this you may gather that i am writing it from the top of my head with no planning whatsoever really and feel that this style is much better than a methodical approach. I hope you agree and it shows just how my mind works, and as i am quite perverse :), my writings should be entertaining. I will continue to write fervantly in the coming weeks as this is quite thereputic and the analysis does help to make you play better. Watch out for some intriguing hand histories as well as reports on earnings and losses and news of what tournamnets i am taking down. I just hope i continue to write well and that you are enjoying reading this. If your not than it surprises me you have got this far, why are you still here, get out!

Look told you i was random lol, anyway good luck to all you guys and gl to me on my future pokering :):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. Ford Fiesta 1.1 first car really cheap to insure not sure if they do but tesco do a good policy for students on car insurance!