Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Discipline


I have had a torrid time in the tourney and sit and go sector on cryptologic which has prodded me towards hardly ever playing them again. Too many a time i get tilty while i play them and spew money away all too quickly. With cash however i always seem to make a steady profit and it appears to me that i should only really ever play cash and only play one small tourney a day perhaps.

With cash as well you can get more rakeback and bonus deals because you are rake more heavily. Also as i can play up to 12 tables at a time i would be a fool not to take advantage of that skill while playing cash. Also i seem not to tilt on cash because i know i can't afford to on 12 tables and sort of play flawlessly, not necessarily correctly, but in each given situation i make a logical decision as to what the best move was, even if it was the incorrect one.

The reason i seemed to shy away from playing cash regularly was because for me it got monotonous and boring without much of a challenge for me because it seemed quite simple. That is whay i played tourney poker more regularly because there is an unmatched thrill of beat 100+ players to take away a large sum of money for a very small entry fee. However, i will avoid this rush by replacing this thrill with a want to play cash poker. And here is how i am going to do it people!

I will set up accounts on every site offering rakeback and good bonus deals, and play them as an alternative to the cryptologic cash games when i find them getting a little boring. This means i will need to adapt to a new style of play, a new interface and a different bankroll, which is exciting. As soon as i see myself getting bored i will just change site. Perfect!

I now look to move on up in the world on the back of this and start earning some serious money. Because it's all about the Houblons! (John Houblon, First governor of the bank of England, and currently placed on the back of a £50 note).

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