Saturday, 17 January 2009

Tourney Update


Decidied that i am no longer going to play on full tilt or Pokerstars because they only serve to irritate me. The competition on it is harder and as the amount of entrants for the tourneys is so vast you see yourself play for hours only to be knocked out for a pittance of a profit if any. I just need to brace myself for more patience when i do decide to venture into playing a lot more on these sites and maybe only play sngs. I will remain on poker heaven and crypto for now, with the intention of branching out into the other european networks in due time.

Anyway talk of tonight, falied in every tourney i entered on pokerstars and full tilt for a loss of around 150 dollars, i played ok but found myself over playing QQ again annoyingly and wanting to smash up my laptop in anger about how that hand has treated me recently. On Pokerheaven much the same luck, but a lot of it was my own downfall as i was far into one tourney and accidentally called a quarter of my stack with 42 off suit to a big pre flop raise, the flop went check check, and on the turn i attempted an all in bluff to redeem for the mistake, but just dug the hole and buried myself by exiting the tourney prematurely. I like the site as the competition is relatively easy. And seems as if i could grind at a good wage on it.

On Crypto, i had a good night. I was up $670 by the end of it by playing a very small amount of cash and playing every tourney going from 5 30 onwards. I came third in the £1500 GTD midnight tourney, 2nd in the 600 euros gtd 10th in a £1000 GD, and made some other nice finishes for the profitable day. However i made a ton of mistakes that i am happy i have made them because i have rectified them, and look to have an even more profitable day tomoz.

Also need to wake up quite early tomorrow as i need to make 700 more mpps to qualify for the black £3000 freeroll as a will hill vip, which should be fun, would be nice to win it. Would be nice to go back to the old cash grind on the will hill layout as well. I have sort of missed it, instead playing on parbet under the name "Gaughan" but the change is why i have been so successful, it added a sort of freshness to proceedings with a different layout and different piccy to keep me company. The pic is of Keely Hazell and am sure that it has distracted players who are trying to play me, because there has to be a reason for the solid results!

I have been finding it hard to keep a spreadsheet of profits/losses of the year so far as i feel now that its all just a little too restricting. Might add pressure as well because if i have had a quality week i will be pressurising myself to maintain that rate when it may well be impossible due to variance. Also, i will always know in general terms how much i have made because the account balance of my usernames will be an indication as well as how much is in my barclays account.

I'm loving how i can skim monies off the top of my profits of the day by withdrawing, seems as though you have a goal to achieve and it feels good to get money banked and "safe".

Might get my family a new tv for the front room as tonight was a good night and i fancy treating them (or bribing) with a late xmas pressie. Obviously there will be rules with the tv, that i have ultimate control at all times and buying this tv will just add new powers to my repertoire. But in all honesty i am happy to make my family happy by buying em gifts now and agen, because its always better to give than to receive. Bought a paintballing day in effingham for my bro for his bday which cost a mint but it was really enjoyable and would have to say money well spent. Even though i got shot in the bollocks, i went down like a sack of spuds, and was moaning at a really high pitch sound. Could have murdered the one responsible, would have gone for the old pistol whip approach instead of shooting em, because that way i could have knock them out, and then shoot him :)

Hope you guys are playing well and i hope my good fortune at the tables continue. Good Luck!

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