Thursday, 5 February 2009

The guy that cried Rape!


Title sums it up really. Yesterday i lost £500. Absolutely sick run of cards where i am getting my money in behind on too many an occasion with an overpair to a lower board where they make a set, or having JJ to a low board and getting dicked by QQ upwards. Just been getting it hardcore and i am surprised i am showing the willpower to continure to play somewhere near my best and i haven't tilted at all really except on one occasion going all in pre with AK, which can't really be called a tilt but i hardly ever do that in cash.

The plan now is to break even for the week. My rakeback should be mammoth for these limits as i am playing on 12-16 tables. It should be around £400 hopefully, so if i make £100 between now and tuesday i will take a break even week. What i might do however is play cash all day and from 8pm onwards grind every tourney going on crypto, as they won't be here in two months time, and i play them at a high success rate. A real find is how easy the £55 and £33 biggy tournies on crypto are. I have final tabled them quite a few times and the amount i have won is a nice sum. If i can win a few more races i hope to take both down at least once before Crypto closes its doors. Dunno what i am going to do when that fateful day comes.......probs settle in a nice little corner in my room get on the floor, pull my knees to my chest and sway in a demonic motion like a complete mentalist.

Just to rectify playing on 12-16 tables is NOT the reason i have lost so much recently, it is definately because my time has come to face variance, and it is a test of how much of a man i am to come through this and persevere by winning more in the future.

Haven't posted in a while and since i posted my bankroll its safe to say i am only down what i lost yesterday which is annoying because i have effictively earned nothing, but its nice to know that when i do have a bad run of cards that i will have to have a complete spazzo attack for me to be down on any given week becos my rakeback is so big. Starting monday i am going for possibly the world record of how much rakeback you can earn at the 0.25/50p limits as i look to get past the £500 number, with a 6 hour session daily on 16 tables. Will Hill are gonna love me! I say this but whenever i do a tourney grind i am never playing on many tables so this may slow the rake rate a little but will probs up the profit rate as i get on with doing over some muppets who think they can play tourney poker. There are quite a few tricks involved with tournies that i adhere to and am shocked to see others aren't. It's scary what i can get away with and find myself running late into many tournies because of this knowhow. If i told you everything i had in the locker though, you would see me at the tables and disect me time and time again, so that will have to stay secret. But what i do have to do is to start taking down some serious tournies to prove that i am a good player. Maybe i will publish a book with these secrets, i dunno :)

The account "Gaughan" i opened on parbet was a lovely sidetrack to my normal account on hills as players were donking more chips off to me as they haven't got me down as a nit. I had some huge success on it. The reason i did change account however was to pursue a rake race the room had going where the top 60 players were all in with a chance for chelsea vip hospitality tickets. If i disclosed that for everyone on here i thought maybe the race would be harder :) I never really went for it tbh and just nicked a freeroll position whereby i will have to fend off 39 other ppl in a 40 man freeroll for the 2 prizes they are giving away. That is on tonight, would love the tickets as my bro is a chelsea fan and he will cream at the opportunity to see his beloved in style.

Will promise to update this regularly. Good luck to you all and hopefully a little more for myself will come!


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    Good luck mate.