Wednesday, 25 February 2009

5th in the $20K GTD on littlewoods


The title says it all with a very nice win in this tournament for $1400. This doesn't tell you the whole story however as i am down around $1000 on parbet but up £350 on will hill since my last post so a decent profit. I ignored my advice on the parbet account and played most of the tournies going instead of three which meant i was playing poorly in most and never felt an urge to play properly. The less amount of tournies to play the more i concentrate on them and play well. My tourney grind sort of looks like this now.

18.00 £500 GTD Rebuy (crypto)
18.30 $6500 GTD (microgaming)
19.30 Super series Mon/Sun/Weds (William Hill)
19.35 $5000 GTD (Cassava)
20.00 £9K GTD (crypto)
20.00 $20K GTD (microgaming)
20.35 $20K GTD (Cassava)
21.10 £7K GTD (Crypto)
21.30 $9 rebuy (party poker)
22.00 £1400GTD (Crypto)
22.00 $17.5K GTD (microgaming)

*note - I will be playing ipoker when crypto closes as that is where william hill will be laying its hat after. With the big american sites like Bodog, UltimateBet, Full Tilt and Pokerstars, i am biding my time and will stick to the european rooms for now. The grind stands at £200ish for buy ins.

My bankroll is at £6400 at the minute so i am pleased i would like to have a total of£52000 in the bank by the end of the year not including what i have withdrawn so i will need to make £70000 most probably for me to succeed. If i have this bankroll going into next year then i will be playing much more live tournaments and will hope to strike lucky and skyrocket bankroll wise.

I will be playing between 9-12 tables at a time, and if i don't make those numbers in the tournaments above listed, i will grind on the 0.25/0.50 cash games to make the amount of tables rise. I haven't really ever played cash with tournies at the same time and it may well feel funky when i try it later on today. But hopefully it will be fine and i can earn some nice wedge.



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  3. i would like to know about your poker situation mr.Anon?

  4. Hope you make it Ant. Good luck.

  5. Not ragging on you at all, but why with a £6.4k bankroll are you only intent on play nl50 cash, you're comfortably rolled for £nl100, and your game seems sufficient to beat it.