Saturday, 21 February 2009

All figured out


Decided now i know whats happening. I have lost $500 on parbet tonight and it opened my eyes to how im not the best low limit tourney player (£20-£10) tournies and i am a small winner in these. I notice however my returns from the big buy in tournies have been extremely profitable so i will be playing these only from now on with the $1500 left in my parbet account. This is extrmeley high risk as i will be spending around $140 daily and even more on sunday as its around $240. Hopefully i will get a cash in in one of these though.

This will be the "gambling" account and to be honest i am prepared to lose these funds. My style is such that i am pushing for the final table every time i play and i am not afraid to get my stack in on a bluff if i think it will get through more often than not. This means i could go a while without a win, but when it comes it could be a big win. I have already cashed out $2000 from this account with the big win last week so i am effectively freerolling. A little reckless i know but i need that excitement to accompany the cash grind i will be doing on the other accounts with the £2000 i have left to play on cash (£3000 in d bank though) so i will be grinding 12 tables on whatever site i feel like.

I may sound like a hypocrite i know with saying i was gonna be an icon for money management but i know i have an edge on these crypto tournies so i am prepared to play them even if i shouldn't be money wise. Anyway i could make more money available if i really needed to but i hope that a big win comes.

Reports will come in on how the bigger tournies have fared and on my low limit grinding. The lowest i am going is $10 buy ins on the 6 max tables, i should go lower on some accounts i have as its only 10-20 buy insbut i am hoping i can do well regardless.

So that is that now, the foundations are set. The blogs will be getting slightly more interesting now as its gonna be all about poker instead of everything around it. I will be getting in some hand histories as well that are interesting, but i may hold back on the hand histories that divulge too much information on the way i play, but saying that i may be in a gloating mood one day and do it anyway lol.

By the way to you poker fans that like boxing, Gus Hansen is fighting Theo Jorgensen at 21.00 local time tonight. How this came about i have no idea, but it should be interesting to watch. It's airing on - GusTV - its free as well which is nice, so i may well be watching that.

For me anyways i am getting a couple of hours sleep in until i am off to play the student £50 event at a casino in reading meating up with "fenix" whose blog i read to play for a laugh and have some good times in the bars of reading, as playing online in your bedroom non stop for so long can be fucking tedious!

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