Friday, 27 February 2009

Cash mojo back


I was playing 12 tables as well at the time and felt in the zone which is a brilliant thing. The reason i felt so good was that i moved up the limits to 1/2$ and 0.5/1£ and found the more money on the line gave me a buzz which improved my game a lot and made me sniff out bluffs and make good ones on the regular. I am looking forward to coupling this with my evening tourney grind as the cash games could fund the tourney entries each day so i am effectively freerolling, which would be amazing because with no pressure being on how expensive the tourney is, i can play it any way i want, and it may improve my results.

Its five to 9 in the morning now and i have just finished the cash grind and am knackered, will get some sleep in now and looking forward to tonight and some big monies hopefully. Good luck to you all.



  1. Great blog m8,what do you think of hills moving to ipoker?If you don,t mind me asking what sort of money were you getting in rakeback when playing the 50 $£ tables ?
    Gl with the mtt,s jus

  2. cheers for the compliment. My rakeback depends really. If i went flat out on 12 0.5/1$ at a time for 40 hours a week i would be looking at £500 rakeback a week. But i am a tourney junkie which will cost me in the long run because without doubt being a cash game multitabler is so much more profitable.

    With the move to ipoker i think it is a good thing in terms of there being more players available, hopefully not very goo ones at that, to play against. However, the software is poor and is really annoying to play on. Without doubt i would say cryptologic has the best software out there on the market and it annoys me that people don't seem to realise this. The only software that comes close is pokerstars but in reality they are basically the same anyway. But for me the pro view feature on crypto (the mini view table) is so small that i can fit 12 tables on my small 15 inch notebook screen which is soo handy. Now i will need to get a bigger screen to play on the other networks annoyingly.

    It's gonna be sad to see the crypto go but if anyone has any sense about them they would purchase the software from crypto and use it accompanied with a huge player database, for it to get the respect it deserves