Monday, 9 February 2009

Back from the DTD


Played the £330 deepstack at Nottingham this weekend. Back now and would have to say i was impressed with the structure of the tournament and of the amount of players playing, also with the standard of play there. Many a fish playing this and the player i go out to is an example of one. I saw some truly below par things that make me want to live in Nottingham so i can play the cash games there on the regular as well as the tournies becos i bet there are primarily fish there. A bit of a prejudice statement but it has left a lasting taste in my mouth.

The exiting hand anyway went like this. Blinds at 1000/2000 my stack is 30000, i'm utg and raise 5500 with AK suited. Get called by the chip leader only in the small blind and we see a A 3 5 flop. I'm putting him on a picture card range so i am hoping for a bluff at me at any time. He checks out and i check behind despite the straight draw on. Turn comes a 2 which puts a four card straight out there and he bets out half my remaining stack (10000) and i sort of insta go all in as i cant put him on a straight, a two pair is nigh on impossible because normally you would get no call with A3 A5 A2 23 35 34 24, he could have a set with 22, 33, 55 and i will pay him off for that, also maybe 44 for the straight. Despite this i have the guy on AQ-A8, because i can see him calling with this, and i see the 10000 bet as a sort of bluffing sorta i want you out of the pot bet, but i read wrong as he turns over a dominating hand in A3. turn comes a A and i am gone. Dissappointed with my play here as i could have picked a better spot and accepted that i can just give up the 5500 already invested, but through tilt and bad judgement i shoved. Shocked he would call pre flop with A3 but that is the standard of play i came across and will be happy to play future monthly deepstacks there.

Online at the minute i am not playing because my house internet is down and i have to rely on my vodaphone mobile internet which is too unreliable for playing 12 tables as i reconnect every second but its fine to use on blogs which is good news for you guys i guess :) My bankroll has gone down over the past few weeks and i am not happy about this. The plan is play cash non stop all day and at night combine em with the tournies on crypto looking for a big win. So that is a little round up of my weekend and will hope to get more posts up as soon as i get my home internet up and running to play a mentalist amount of hands, hoping around 1000 an hour. Looking forward to it and to keep blogging on here.


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