Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Confused with what to do with myself


I am in a prediciment with what to do. I don't know what forum of poker will be best to bolster my bankroll. At the moment sit and gos are out of the equation as i am not using a site that run these plentifully. So it is out of the tow juggernauts to battle it out and these are the cash games and the tournies. Both have their plusses and their weaknesses, which i will explain now.

Tournies - These are amazing as the thrill of winning one is unmatched. You play for hours and each strategic move you made culminated in you winning a tournament, it is a lovely feeling and one i want to feel again and again. Tournies are also seemingly more easy than cash games, as cash draws in better players with the guarentee of steadier profits and less swings. Also with tournies one bad move and it's over which makes it easier to prey on players who are poor, or who may play well for a long time but have one moment of madness that you can take advantage of. It's all about discipline and knowing when to make the moves. It's about keeping an eye on your stack compared to the blind levels, keeping an eye on when the bubble is approaching so you can beat up the short stacks. Knowing when to fold when you know your beat or when its mathematically right to do so as its too early on in a tourney to gamble. So many different factors to conceive and with these variables come the skill element and i feel at home on the tourney scene.

However, the major downfall is how you can spend up to 6 hours playing and come 30th for only a little over double your buy in when 1st pays nearly 50 times it or whatever. The swings are dreadful and the most annoying thing to deal with is a bad beat after hours of play hindering you from taking the money you deserve. You don't get this problem with cash, and that is why you find a lot of good players resorting to it as its a more secure income. But if tourney players never had this to contend with, then big wins wouldn't taste so sweet. Besides, if you get bad beated on there is nothing you can do and top players don't feel too bad about this spot, only when they have been outplayed or have made a mistake resulting in the exiting of a tourney. That is when it hurts and the better player reviews the situtation and tries to learn how to react better next time.

Cash Game - Well this can bore the fuck out of me, as the limits i play at are so methodical and generic, the same moves mean the same thing and the variation is really limited. Post flop play can get a little steamy sometimes tho and that is a plus. Also the fact you can grind little profits consistently and earn loadsa rakeback playign on 12 tables is an appealing commodity. But it doesn't have that X factor for me. Perhaps if i could move up the stakes in cash and play games that had more depth, against better players then maybe i could earn more and be more thrilled by the game. But it seems i have chosen a winner for now.

This is the TOURNEY GRIND of course. I am going to be playing tournies from £55 to $10 on the ipoker network and the cryptologic network, to a max of 12 tables a time and see how it goes. It may only last 4 days if i win nothing and variation smacks me around the face and has me as her bitch, but i will hope for the best and keep you guys posted. By the way platonic if you a reading this post some more you lazy gruffnutt!


  1. Hi mate,

    Good work with the blog. Have you ever tried reducing your tables from 12? Might be more profitable for you as you really do get a better grasp of who people are and what they're doing when you're playing about 5.

    Also, I have one question for you. What's it like being the second best player that lives in Dulwich?

    I noticed someone from Dulwich won the £9K that night and didn't realise who it was until I read your blog the next day. I also live here.



  2. hey cheers for the comment.

    I would agree that playing 12 tables does hinder how well you play yes, but with tournies atm i am finding it to be quite comfortable playing 12. In cash i have been getting beaten up recently, which i feel is down to me feeling crap about playing them instead of the 12 tables but yeh its still an issue.

    And with you thinking your the best from dulwich jog on mate :) whereabouts? You a posh west dulwich boy? :P

  3. I've just looked at your picture and realised I actually met you before at Riley's in Croydon and at the old gutshot. I think you know my cousin Joe though please don't tell him about my blog as I want it kept away from the eyes of my family!

    Let me know next time you go and play live.

  4. I definately remember you dude, i know two joe's that you know, your cousin, and Joe misfud, he used to play for my footie team.

    You have a nice blog dude, keep it up. Add me on msn if you want on Cheers.

  5. your blog isn't the most interesting lad.

  6. nice blog to follow.
    Have you tried any PLO for some variety.

  7. Cheers pokershow and no i haven't got into omaha. Had crappy early experiences with it so i avoid it lol. I have just been reading your blog im gonna put it on the list, hope you return the favour :)

    And Goose gissa chance won't you? :P If you have read all the blogs and still think its crap then fair play to you. Still haven't read your blog, but i promise to hold no grudges.

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