Friday, 20 February 2009

Bankroll Management!


I had a problem tonight of going bust in my Devilfish poker account, well 114 euros from 500 and nothing in bluesquare which had $500 in it. In both i played tournaments that were just to big a buy in to play on such a small roll and have hence decided that i am not looking to redeposit on any site ever again starting today. So i am going to be playing a 20 buy in rule for all the rooms until i can move up limits and get comfortable. It will also show me the value of money in starting real low and building my way up. It would make me feel less inclined to just spew and be quick off the mark to redeposit. It will force me to slow down and play properly on all sites as i can't afford not to. Of course i will redeposit if i really have to but this shouldn't happen and i am quietly confident i will have huge rolls on every site i am playing on.

To build the rols i will be grinding cash tables or low limit multi table sngs. On eeach room i would only put a small amount in, say $200 and play really low to build that up to a fortune. On stars and full tilt i have it made in that i am good at the multi table sngs they have that run regularly so i can see a rise happening from them. On other sites it will be more tricky as i will be making a slower rise through the cash games, hopefully not becoming too tedious. I will be allowed to take 1/20 buy in shots at tournaments as well.

I have 64$ in pokerstars, 100$ in full tilt, 144 euros in devilfish, £247 in Littlewoods, $2000 in parbet, and £1500 in will hill. The latter two is where i will be making my serious wedge for the meantime in tournies or higher limit cash games but whenever im craving a different setting i will happily build my rolls in the other rooms. I am feeling quietly confident about this one. And from today onwards also marks my record keeping for my bankrolls, so recklessness can be limited, on my niece's birthday as well, how sweet! lol By the way apologies for the boring post i will make em more interesting in the future with exciting analysis of tournies but atm im just setting the foundations for my meteroric rise to the top, and if i get em right there should be no stopping me!



  2. 1/20 buy-in shots at tournaments is not bankroll management.

  3. at least, hopefully an entertaining one for all of you to read up on!

    yeh your right with the 1/20 shots, what would be ok for tournies then? In cash i am gonna stick with the 1/20 buy ins per table however as i think its enough for me to pregress. I wouldn't mind some non-anonymous posts as well with a little less attitude. More constructive criticism like the last post