Sunday, 1 March 2009

Massive tourney grind!


I have decided that enough is enough with tournament grinding and have seen the light in the way of cash games as the best way to make a living from the game, maybe sit and gos are also good but haven't been too exposed to them. As this is the case i am going to give the tournies a really good send off as it is going to be my last pure tourney grind in a long while so i want to go a little mental.

My bankroll stands at around £5000 and after tonights grind it will stand at around 4 fifths of that if all goes tits up lol. Without further ado here are the tournies in question.

40,000 euros GTD on devil fish for 100 euros 20.00 Ant040689
$20,000 GTD on party for $55 at 21.00 anup returns
$100,000 GTD on littlewoods for $140 at 20.00 Ant040689
$125,000 GTD on pstars for $55 at 20.00 anup returns
$50,000 GTD on full tilt for $163 20.00 Ant040689
£35,000 GTD on will hill for £110 20.00 Ant040689
super series (£2500 added) for £12.50 will hill at 18.00 Ant040689
£6,000 GTD on Parbet for £33 21.10 Gaughan
**$50,000 GTD on cake for $109 at 20.00 Gaughan
**$100,000 GTD on cake for $162 at 22.00 Gaughan

so wagering 100 euros + $684 + £152.50 = £718.82

** might back out of the cake ones though as i am using a notebook and the cake rooms take up a lot of space on my 15'' screen so may have to give it amiss, unless i use another monitor hich i may well do.

I am doing this as a sort of release from the tourney scene. If i win big its all going towards moving up the limits in cash, if i don't cash in any tourney i will grind on the 0.5/1 limits and move on up from there. So i am sorted regardless.

It is a little maniac-like but it's the way i roll, and these tendancies which i once layed upon the blackjack rooms or roulette i now need to somehow use in the poker world, and this is it methinks. Looking forward to it, and need to get some sleep in before it starts, as i only had 3 hours last night :(

By the way i have left my player ID next to the tournaments so you can see ho i am getting on in them in real time, might be an intriguing investigation lol.

Anyway good luck to you all at the tables tonight and in the future.



  1. just go with your feel.As long as you have control over tilt,I don't see why you cannot have a more flexible bankroll management. good luck.

  2. cheers dude, i failed miserably in all the tournies cashing for a little more than my money back in one of them :(