Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Recap of the weekend and yesterday

Hey ho

I am currently in uni so cant relay the exact hand history of the travesty that happened to me on sunday night in the sunday 35K, but i assure you its fresh in the memory for me to tell you quite accurately. First of all i need to set the scene. I was around 40th of 80 at the time when i decided to go completely crazy in opening every single pot i could with any two cards from two gapped connectors upwards so as to try and accrue as many non-showdown chips as possible. This was spurred on by the fact i had made the money in this competition 3/4 times in the last month essentially only getting double my buy in, so i didn't want to go out unless it was in a hail of bullets!!!!!

It started so well. I was on 25K in chips and had it as my goal to get to 40K without a showdown by stealing chips pre flop or if i do get a call, by outplaying them post flop, and you know what it worked! Had 69 suited coming in to save the day on a stone cold flop bluff and had many other crap hands becoming goldust. However this wasn't without getting re popped around 6 times of which i had to fold each time because i had nothing. I was literally opening 100% of the flops i could.

I had gained the maniac image of the table with people obviously praying to get a hand against me and milk me dry, they obviously didn't know i had a method to my madness. Problem was i wasn't getting any genuine hands to capitalise on my reputation. regardless i was now on 50K in chips and in 2nd of 25, so i had made the money, and then finally i get a genuine hand!

I get JJ in mid position and all the action folds to me, so i did what i did every other time this spot came to me and raised the pot up 3X big blind to 6000, everyone folds to the big blind who is on 40K in chips and around 5th place. He has obviously been becoming increasingly upset that i have been stealing his blind and he puts in a bizarre re raise to 22000, which is half his stack.

I had to think for literally a nano second to realise that if he had a genuine hand he would had re raised much smaller to try and entice the call from me, or even to just flat call as he knew i would continuation bet the flop. But no, he raises me massively, which shows massive weakness in my eyes. I don't have him down as a player of relative intelligence to confuse me with such an odd bet knowing i will find it as weak, so i re raise him all in with the Jacks. He stalls for a while, as if knowing he is beat but because he has been a spaz in his re raise he is committed tcall the rest of his 20K in chips and turns over AJ. The flop brings an Ace and i don't spike my one outer by the river so i am crippled on chips. With less than 5 big blinds soon after i find A* and go all in and for good measure get dcalled by the same guy who takes me out with AJ lol

If i had won that pot i would have been dominate chip leader and i feel that i wouldn't have given anyone else a chance to take me off that crown with so many chips to bully the others that just want to move up in the prize money, and to the players that were good and wanted to make moves i would just outwit them and put the pressure on them like never before. So it was a little disturbing to receive that beat because there is a part of me that thought if i didnt play that hand, i may well have found it safer to just steal pots pre flop and move up without showdowns. But i was there to win and found a spot to nearly double my chip stack as a 70/30 favourite so i am fine with what i did. Just annoying as it was in the biggest tourney i enter on a weekly basis and would have loved to take down the £10,000 first prize. Yes you heard me right, £10,000 smackeroons.

The day sunday on the whole was a £400 down day which wasn't good but was by no means the end of the world considering my last two days of play where i was up £1400.

Yesterday brought back the heater whereby i was back to my best as i was well rested and felt on top of my game. I had entered 7 tournaments and final tabled 4 of them the $1.2K GTD the £1400 GTD, the £1000 GTD and the £6K GTD of which i came 5th, 2nd, 2nd and 5th respectively. The two where i had lost heads up i was very frustrated with my play, as i wasn't showing it the necessary concentration because i was showing too much attention to the £6K where i was chip leader with 6 to go, first place getting £1700. Again with the bad beat story lol. I get it all in with second in chips with QQ against his JJ, i found his call very loose and was very happy when he turned his hand over. The Jack on the flop though changed matters and i didn't improve so i was crippled in chips and managed to sneak 5th place. Rather annoying hoever i have to be happy with another up day to the amount of £600

I am having a break tonight to go out and get pissed so crypto tourney regulars can breathe easy :) and it will be a well deserved break to meet up with mates.

good luck people!


  1. It's annoying to lose to knobish plays but getting beat by bad beats as a favourite shows you're making the right plays and more often than not will win.

  2. That QQ vs JJ hand was horrible, you'd have been a big fave to win the thing if you'd won that flip.

    Keep it up mate.