Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Back through Popular Demand!

Well in reality that was non existent but in my dream world i had thousands asking for a new post as they were growing tiresome of not having some insightful revolutionary poker writing to fill up their dreary days but i am here to soothe again.

Lots of things to talk about here dearies. I am now playing in a post Cryptologic world and at first my reaction to it made me lose money. My frustration at having such software be put away made me furious with what else was left to play within the poker world, which obviously made me tilt. Ipoker will grow on me however because there is potential. But what i am starting to find is that there are a load of other sites i was ignoring that i really shouldn't have been. I am now playing ongame network which is good because i am winning on it. Boss media will take an age for me to start winning on because the software really does tilt me beyond belief, their small view is hurrendous and makes multitabling very difficult. B2B is alright but as i hadnt got a nice run going on it i have decided to not play it as much, fickle i know.

Pokerstars is a site i will be using more regularly particularly the sit and gos which i think i have a superior edge in and will love to dominate them. I feel all the crytpo grinding of multis was great prep for my now new found quest to dominate the sngs on full tilt and Pokerstars, and i will document my upward ascent for you all. Bodog and ultimate bet have good softwares but they are letting me play for security reasons and want me to fax them ID which i cant be bovered to do so that is on the back burner. Cake network is in the same boat as boss media in that the software is bordering dire but this is more to do with the size of their smallest screen which is too big. And i can't quite think of any other notable networks. Cassava will be one for the future but has the same problem as cake in that their smallest room size is too big but these won't factor too largely when i have the mammoth laptop that i just ordered from dell.

It is the XPS which set me back £1500 which will be delivered to me in the next two weeks. The reason i was prepared to pay so much was the fact that its resolution is 1920x1200 which in laymans terms means compared to my current 1200x800 res laptop i will be able to fit in fuck loads more tables making my profitability sky rocket when i get used to playing on 20+ in a good way. Also was willing to buy one because the one i am using now is cancerous, its literally falling off its hinge and the monitor keeps on flicking on and off which was really annoying yesterday while multitabling.

But that didnt stop me from coming second in two $33 200 man multis for a combined profit of $2000, which was lovely. Basically paid for my laptop. But i am still behind in terms of my BR because of the tilt i had post crytpo. Still it is in the region of £7000 so i will be alright with getting that up (wahey) very soon. Got a Irish open satellite as well tonight for the main event, its a 1/16 chance i believe. I won a caribbean cruise with will hill at a 1/20 shot last year so i know i am capable, all about luck though, and if i will have it.

Plan for the next week or two before the mammoth laptop comes........I will 4 table tournies all week at a casual sorta rate taking it easy before the madness with my new laptop begins. I fear your other players' safety when i do have it because i may cause suicide attempts and getting people to cry because i will be hurting people that bad. Not that i have a big ego here its just truth innit :P

GL peeps and i will look to update the blog at a much higher rate.



  1. Hi mate nice to see your still winning lol!

    What site would you recommend i start playing on for tourneys as i can't be bothered with opening new accounts with loads of different sites!

    Wez aka Lazarus

    P.S. Also thinking of organising a crypto memorial service at DTD for the old regulars players there in May!

  2. Stts on stars LOL, you have not a clue, Play 5ooo games and then tell us you can dominate them, stars HAS the best stt players , massive amount of choice and supreme customer service and software...But Dominate? Yeh maybe the $1.10 you can. LOL

  3. "I won a caribbean cruise with will hill at a 1/20 shot last year so i know i am capable, all about luck though, and if i will have it."

    So what you are saying is that you are going to rely on luck ?

    Poker is a game of skill which you seem to lack as shown by your ostentatious display at empire do us all a favour and stick to your low limit cash tables/tournies as the jump in the class is one you will not be able to attain.



  4. Cheers Wes

    I would recommend Ongame network for you, relatively soft and the tourney numbers are often around the 200 mark so as close to crypto as you're getting. I think you should stick to ipoker as well though and i think it will work on you.

    The memorial service sounds pretty good, if u have it the friday before the deepstack tourney the next day it would be worth my while to come up and play it. Would be a great laugh.

    Mr.Anon - Didn't say i was going to dominate them, just that i would love to. I'm showing the confidence needed to do well in them and i really do think i will. Stay tuned sir to see how well/bad i get on, im guessing you want me to fail.

    Ken Adams - I love you man. I think you love me really and you are writing your comments to spur my determination to the point where i will be the best in the world, you clearly think i have what it takes even though you mask this by saying the complete opposite.

    Evidence in this is seen in how i should "stick to [my] low limit cash tables/tournies as the jump in class is one [I] will not be able to attain"

    Sounds like your a scared man and want to tame the beast before he bites you by getting too powerful.

    By the way tell me in detail about your poker game, i think ure just some low limit punk that gets off in trying to piss others off. Support it with eveidence as well instead of saying o i am playing this game or i am playing this one because i will only think its bollocks if i can't rail you online.

    Ty for the feedback sirs

  5. Ant,

    The fact that you think i am scared that you will get "too powerful" is comical. I merely give my opinion to you in order for you to improve.

    As for telling you in detail about my poker game, i dont feel i have to. I dont need your approval and nor do i want it, all there is to say is that i am a hugely successful live player and whether you care to believe me or not i could not care less.


  6. Get used to ipoker mate, its the best site imo, gl