Monday, 30 March 2009

I'm a Fish......It's Official


I have depleted my bankroll to a pittance through just being ignorant to how much i actually had altogether and playing too high a buy in tourney. Also not playing a low variance form of the game to build the br slowly, so i will be doing that when the new laptop arrives.

When my online barclays account has fully updated only then can i see what damage i have done. But i am always one for the challenge and i feel i am going to do well in whatever form of nlhe i take up. In the next few days i will have a better idea of what the plan for building my bankroll can be because at the moment it can be done in a number of ways.

1. Low buy in sit and gos 9, 18, 27, 45, 90 and 180 runners
2. Low buy in multis of 300+
3. Low level cash games 6 man
4. Low level cash games 9/10 man

I'm thinking that the first option will be the most fun for me as i will have that competitive sense of competition in wanting to come first instead of the slog of cash games where sometimes you think, why the hell am i bothering?

The trouble is then to find out what type of sng i will be most profitable in, in terms of runners. I think i will be starting off playing the $20ish dollar ones probably 12 tabling them to get a feel of the game and how i need to adapt to win. I also think i will start by playing the 45 man one on full tilt.

Looking forward to the laptop now. It's coming between 8am and 1pm so i hope it wows me, if it doesn't i am getting my money back! Too much to spend to not be satisfied and i hope it does in ways i can't even imagine.


Good luck and God bless.


  1. Hope you have better look with your Barclays On-line banking than I have.. a right piss take ;-(

  2. option 1 the best for BR building. gl m8

  3. yeh amatay that is what i will be doing, i hope it goes well.

    Steve - the barclays online account works alright but it takes about a week for transactions to show up in ure account so if your not on the ball you may spend money that you have already spent. I think its a ploy myself so they can dick you for overdraft charges. Bstrds.

  4. Why do you change your plan every time you blog?
    It seems your best suit are MTTs, stick to these using a 1-2% buy-in rule.

  5. Would that 1-2% buy in rule mean per tourney you play each session or if you are 12 tabling could you play with 12-24% of your roll?

    I change my plans because i am easily irritable. What i am going to do is just play whatever form i feel like playing at the time that i know i am good at, so sngs and multis are a deffo. My cash game has been lagging recently so won't be too confident about playing them on the regular just yet. But yeh mr.anon i deffo have a problem with changing plans. I think the plan from now on should be not to have a plan, but keep a stringent bankroll management in place with whatever i do.

    Cheers for the input.