Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Playing the Empire tonight


I am taking what can only be said as a gamble tonight in playing the £220 tournament at the Empire Casino, as there is no way that this is a comfortable investment. I have been using a lot of the money i have made recently, and have a usable bankroll of around only £3K so a £220 shot is a little unwise, but as its rare i am going to go with it. However if i don't feel up to my best later on today maybe a little tired or can't be arsed i just won't play it. Don't want to give people dead money.

On another note crypto is closing this sunday and i am going to be really sad to see it go. It basically weined me into being a decent player from what i can only say was a crap player and i have come out better for it. I have taken a lot more money out of the site than i have put in and would have to say the tournaments there are ideal for the low stakes tournament player. With loose players, you really could earn a fortune from grinding the twenty and tenner games they have and the odd thirty and fifty also.

I fear now that Ipoker and boss media (where will hill and parbet are going respectively) will prove a tougher challenge with harder games but hopefully after acclimatising i can get back to winning ways.

Also more importantly i have to make sure i am a uni student first and a poker player second at least for the next 1 and a half years so i can get a 2:1 degree and have a lovely safety net if poker is getting too boring or if i all of a sudden become absolutely rubbish in it. Going in today to finish some work off and get some started, and will have the tournament starting at 7 in the centre of london as a lovely thing to look forward to. Well i hope so anyway!!

Good luck to all of you playing tonight, and most of all i guess good luck in life! (cheesy i know but fuck it i am in that sorta mood)



  1. Come on Mukker... GET YOUR HEAD INTO WIN MODE....
    Make your decisions the right ones.
    Good luck tonight and see you there....

  2. haha lol i always turn it on when i get there but im not good with anticipation, good luck to you also :)

  3. I've basically played on Ipoker over the last year and I think the standard is terrible in the MTTs so you should be fine. Whether they are as soft as the crypto ones is tough though!! They really were very very soft. The cash games on Ipoker are tougher in my opinion but with such a massive player base there now there is always dead money to be found.

    Gl in the tourn tonite if you play it.