Saturday, 7 March 2009

£742 Profit today in tournies


I am chuffed with how things went today. I won a 1500 euros GTD on parbet and came second in the £1400 GTD NTX midnight on crypto along with other cashes that helped as well. I feel in the zone at the moment with my tourney game but am getting increasingly restless about my cash game.

I definately need to sit doen and map out where i am going wrong with it because it seems to me at the moment i am doing nothing glaringly wrong but i bet at closer inspection there are big leaks. I know some already but would have still thought i ould be making a sizeable profit but at the moment i am only up a small bit, bordering on breaking even. Which is ok i guess because i do get rakeback but still i definately need to see whats going on in that front.

I hope tomorrow i make more money in one day because if i can maintain £500+ days, i will be rich i tellsya! I kno it won't happen but somewhere in between break even and what i did today will be fine! Gl at the tables.


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