Thursday, 5 March 2009

Live tourney Fish!


I blew up tonight, and all because of my live game inexperience.

Clock was 25 mins, 8000 starting stack, antes introduced after 4th level. So the tourney was gonn get going quite rapidly. Second hand into the event i get 87unsuited on the blind, folds around to the dealer button who raises to 150, SB folds and i call, blinds 25/50.

flop 10 9 4 rainbow

i bet out 250 as a stopper bet to make my draw relatively cheaply by the turn, but i get re popped to 900. I think for about a minute and half on this one. My conclusion was that she was all over this flop and if i call the big raise and hit the straight on the turn, i could eventually get all her chips. As well with 8000 to start if i missed the draw on the turn i had plenty of chips to recouperate. So because of the implied odds i called.

Turn 6

Bingo. I Check, she bets out 1700 i re raise to 4000, she calls.

River 7

Ouch not a nice riverm but can she really put me on an eight here. Pretty committed now so i push all in for my last 3000ish and thought going all in will disguise it more than a 2000 bet, she calls and had 1010 for the set. I double up to the tournament leader very quickly. I liked my play here because of the implied odds, it makes sense to want to accrue a lot of chips to bully early on and calling a draw for so much on the flop will give you a loose image amongst your foes which i can exploit.

Soon after though i have Aces utg+4 and already have a raiser to 200 and a caller in front, i only raise to 600, which was a mistake in my opinion and i knew it at the time as soon as i did it, and get one more caller behind and the other two make the call so 3 others to the flop.

J 10 4 2 spades

i get a check and then a pot sized bet in front, im thinking to myself now that that is a drawy board i only have 600 invested and still have loadsa chips to play with for the next hand if i fold. But i just couldn't as i was feeling erratic (lack of sleep maybe?) and re pop to 4000, i get two folds behind and then back to the raiser who flat calls. I have him on a flush draw here.

Turn K of spades.

OUCH. He checks this to me i think, and me thinking he only has 1000 behind set him all in, in the hope i was wrong with my instinct, but also cos i thought i had him basically all in anyway. But i was Wrong!! He had 4200 behind on that turn. If i stopped to check that i would have given the pot up to him. Too used to seeing chip stacks online as clear as day. For some reason i thought he was really short. To my horror the dealer asked for 4200 more from me when he turned over AJ of spades. Gutted! I make the situation 52/48 in my favour on the flop. A situation i shouldnt be gambling on when i let three others see a cheap flop, if i re popped to say 1000 pre then i am committed to get frisky.

This tilted me sooo much as i felt i could take the beat on the turn on the chin, but thinking he had 3000 less than what he really had made me furious.

Soon after i am out after betting all in on a turn with three spades representing a flush, with the other guy having none of it calling with two pair.

I am happy i learnt the lesson of getting a good amount of sleep prior to an event and also to take your time in knowing the whole situtation of stack sizes. It was the mistake that tilted me tonight and after it, i was beating myself up to the point where i wanted to go home. I had enough. £165 that lesson cost me and i think that is a relativey cheap one tbh. Could have done it in a higher buy in.

Back to the online grind tomoz, ith the intention of playing a 150 or 200 pounds tourney again soon as i want revenge.


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