Sunday, 8 March 2009

Up another $700 today!

Hey Ho

I won the NTX £1400 GTD by luckboxing my way out of a paper bag heads up to take the title and £442.20. Apart from that i made a couple of final table appearences that would have had me just a little over break even before the NTX result came in so the latter was a pivitol result.

My tourney game is coming on leaps and bounds but i still notice that i am sometimes ill prepared to have a tourney stint, sometimes being too hot in my room aggrevates me and i steam both literally and in poker terms. Sometimes i look at the screen so long that my vision impairs (i think i need stronger computer glasses)(Yes i have computer glasses and WHAT!) Also the trips back and forth from the toilet makes me lose my trail of thought, which is never good. When i am on my game however, i make logical moves most of the time that have to get unlucky for me to get out. But i do fall privvy to some information i think i have on a player, like say i think he bets out on flops very weak, i would take that info and throw caution to the wind sometimes, when really a lateral play would suffice.

Hope the heater continues as i would like to think i am good enough to say i am good enough to be a full time poker tourney pro. I don't think this is the case, but i am getting there.



  1. Just read your blog mate. Fair play for the decent read. Any chance of linking us up?

  2. Cut out trips to the tolet by having a poker potty next to your machine. An empty 2ltr bottle of pop usually does the trick for those emergency pisses!

    Good luck with riding the heater, I hope to be on one one day too!!

  3. Both of you are linked up :) and find both good reads. Your jokes Gavin are amazing, and i am passing them off as my own to my mates if you don't mind :) And yorkshire pud i couldn't get in the trend of doing that because i am that lazy i would prob install a piss bag with me at all times!