Monday, 16 March 2009

Getting along nicely, Bankroll Update!


I had a break even day on saturday being really annoyed at my play and giving up the opportunity of winning bigger by being too tired and irritable. Should never play under those circumstances and yesterday i wasn't tired but just annoyingly irritable. I think it may have a lot to do with my glasses prescription because the screen is looking increasingly blurry and that may be spurring me on to play worse. So i have decided to book an appointment for another prescription and will see if that makes a difference.

A little worrying though because before i started playing long hours on the computer i had 20/20 vision and as i like to play football its a little annoying that i may not have the best of sight. But i guess it's a small price to pay if i make a fortune.

I am having a break from poker until i get my essays done which are due in on thursday. Uni is open until midnight on each day so i am not quite sure when i will get em finished but what i do know is that i am finding it so hard to concentrate and get them done. Just so easy to stray away and make some money online instead of doing actual work for a change which poses a much greater challenege. I need to defeat my laziness towards this before it is too late and i no longer have the opportunity to get a good passing grade. I know it is possible to couple poker with uni but i have been showing a tendency to disregard the latter as its a lot harder but from now on i will show discipline to have uni as a bigger priority over poker. At least for the next year and a half anyway. By then i will have a good degree and a nice back up qualification if i, get bored/become shit at, poker.

A bankroll update for all of you who care. I am now up to £10000 which is lovely. What i will do with that roll i am not too sure. I am quite skilled at playing 0.50/£1 and may multi table those cash games until i have enough confidence to move up to £1/2. I quite like the idea of having 100 big blinds in reserve while 12 tabling cash because you really aren't worried about a downswing as you are able to take the hit. The profits would be a little small each session compared to my whole roll but i can't forget what i have come from and if i have a positive 0.50/1 session i could be looking at £200 profit. Aside from that i will be grinding low limit tournies £10-£50 and looking to dominate the new forums i am entering, which will be focussed primarily on Boss media with Parbet and Ipoker with William Hill.

Good Luck one and all, and my next update will be when i am destroying Ipoker and Boss Media!



  1. Congrats on hitting £10k, I was chuffed when I reached $500 earlier last week, LOL!

    You'll love Boss players, crazy Eastern Europeans and ipoker is land of the short-stackers.

    Looking forward to the updates.

  2. Do your work fish. Linked u btw, gl

  3. Cheers amatay, and thank you as well to the yorkshire pud, how i would love your name to be literal and have an actual food of that calibre typing, would add to its many talents.