Friday, 27 March 2009

How many tables is too much?


I was just wondering what everyone thought about this. For everyone that reads this blog, how many tables of poker do you feel you can play without it seriously effecting your performance?

I am coming to realise playing 12+ means you are limited to playing very tight and are not maximising profits by being a skilled player, who can play more hands than just the premium ones. But there are players out there who seem to play quality on many more tables so i don't know.

When the new laptop arrives i will be running some gay tests into where my comfort zone is trying to squeeze out as many tables as possible. Maybe this will vary for cash and tournies, but the idea is i want to be playing as many as possible, very well, to make it easier to make money.

What do you guys think about this?


  1. I stick to 4 hands, I feel that once I go over this and play 6 games I'm missing vital hands by getting timed out - 4 is comfortable.

  2. I'm thinking 9 may be my comfort zone, but can never be too sure. I want my it to be a lot more though, and i guess with practice it can be. Cheers for the input steve.

    More feedback welcome.

  3. I've found through trial and error that 4 is my comfort zone although I am still relatively profitable up to 8 tables.

    With 4 I enjoy the game more as I can still make some plays based on reads etc but 8 starts to get stressful and too robotic

  4. I play 735 at once which is relatively comfortable but once I open up more than 1000 tables I start to lose a bit of focus.