Thursday, 5 March 2009

Playing the £150 at the Gutshot tonight


Will be playing live tonight to spicen things up a little as the same internet grind can get monotonous. Doing it more for entertainment than for the money, as i do enjoy playing live, and i seem to play better when i just look to outplay opponents with a disregard about the money. There is going to be around 150 runners i believe, so prizepool at around £22500 so guessing first is around a third of that. It's a decent amount to strive for at around £7000, but going by the 250 tourney they had yesterday its gonna last nigh on 12 hours! and it starts at 8. Madness. Whats even more mental is that i have only had 3 hours sleep, got woken, and haven't managed to get back to sleep. So i am going to be truly fucked later but i knew this when i paid for the entry over the fone about 10 mins ago, and it's a little test for myself, if i do win this everyone else entering should be ashamed of themselves.

On the internet grind front yesterday i was in the last 30 of the three biggies across the littlwoods and crypto networks spazzing out on 2 of them and getting rele ul in the other. Annoying because i was playing some sound poker for the most part and would have loved a big score.

This morning i lost £200 in a 2 hour spell, playing ok in it with most of the losses coming from a £200 pot all in with QQ against AK, and having a threes full house getting beat by eights full. COuld have got away from the latter as the oppo raised £50 on top of a pot of a measley £8 but a flush was completed so i thought he may have had that. Not to be and pain ensued. Oh well. Tonight should be fun anyway. I believe that the action will be blogged by Gutshot forums at

if your interested. For now i'm gonna attempt some sleep and then trot down there to play in some cash games. Gl ppl.


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