Saturday, 10 July 2010

15.4 inches is just too small oi oi


I did a massive grind last night involving many a $10r $5r $10f-$100f and was dissapointingly break even. Got late on in a lot of tournies but found myself only min cashing or being whittled down too low due to inactivity of playing too many tables. The problem was i just couldnt see the action sometimes!

I have a 15.4' monitor for my laptop and if i grind just the one site i find i can grind 12 tables at once easily because its easier on the eyes, and the table sizes are the same. Yesterday i was playing 5 different rooms with varying table sizes and found myself sitting out all over the shop, which would tilt anyone! Some of the tables just appeared too small.

I have a 24' external monitor with me here but have found everytime i use it that the internet stalls up to a snails pace and i find having to act on every table at once in a matter of seconds to save a sit out. I am going to try it again tonight playing 0.02/0.04 cash tables, mayble up to 20 tables just to see if the lag is still there.

Another problem i have with the external monitor is that its not pumping out at its max res becos my laptop doesn't recognise it as being able to which is so frustrating. In laymans terms it means i can't fit as many tables as comfortably on the external monitor becos the wrong resolution makes the tables appear too large.

Going to ring dell in the week and finally get it all sorted and hopefully also work out a way to get 2 external monitors up on this laptop but i believe by definition you can't have two external monitors on a laptop? Would prefer 2 so i could just have 2 big screens which would help my eyes a lot, and i could also take pictures and pretend to be some sort of baller television watcher to my friends who will be like wtf he has two big fuck off monitors here. I will be like yeh one is for porn and one is for sky sports, what of it. You see i want to experience that, so Dell pull your finger out and help me here!

The grind yesterday ended at a very little loss i believe after i binked a second place in a $3k GTD that saved my ass. Had me only like $100 down but could have been so much worse. I am happy to have paid that to prevent myself going under the same routine really and now i am only going to play on one site if i ever just use my laptop screen.

Yesterday was frustrating, but i feel for the first time i am getting close to some sort of decorum with tourney grinding whereby i shouldn't have any more excuses. I am playing heavily overolled, (will soon be) playing a comfortable amount of tables and should be making loads of profit. One thing remains that i think i will just never bother with and that is having HUD stats up on players as when i have tried to put them up in the past they have been too large and annoy the hell out of me. I still use the Holdem manager to help review my game after hands though but the HUD tilts me hard. If anyone can help me configure it so i have less stats and be able to sort the layout a little bit then please do tell.

Anyway thats your very boring rant over. Will see you in a bit.


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  1. play less tables, as it really pisses me off when people stall and time out - lol