Sunday, 25 July 2010

Brave or Foolish Grind?


I am playing across 12 sites today on what is likely to be a 15 table grind at any one time. I am prepared for this mentally and with my two moitors up however bankroll wise its a little gambly. My bankroll permits me to play $44 dollar tourns and $11r tourns only. I have those on but also a lot of $100, $150 and $50f's on the go. Don't get me wrong though the average buy in for tonight wouldn't exceed $70-$80 so i am playing with only 100 buy ins effectively, so it's not ultra bad.

Mainly this is as a one off as i am normally rather considerate of my roll nowadays, but i am feeling good, my last grind on friday secured £1300 profit and i am buzzing. I am looking to ride the crest of the wave today and bink huge. However, i am a realist. A stark one in fact. I am committing my buy ins today as a loss and anything more comes as a bonus. It is just lotto time. An opportunity to cheat bankroll wise by winning in a tourney i should never have been in.

Feel composed and am reacting well to beats, i hope not to have too many tonight but will make sure it doesn't act as too much of a detriment to my other games, and i guess that is all you can ask for.

Will report back at the end of the expected 13 hour night to report on what happened. Cheers for reading

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