Sunday, 25 July 2010



not often i feel like writing in caps but i have a loss nigh on £1000 tonight. Mainly because my internet couldnt handle 15 tables on two monitors. I feel if i am going to do this in the future i will have one computer per monitor to help with the computer memory. Could also be because my laptop can't handle it, so i might need to just use a desktop pc. But whatever it is i was on loads of expensive tables and it was taking me 4 seconds per tab once i turned my attention to it to get the action to happen. Which is way too long and had me sitting out of a lot of tables. This tiled me also and it just went wrong.

Also have news that full tilt may well be taking $1600 from me but more on that story when it is finalised. And if it remains i am $1600 out of pocket i am going to let loose on them in my next blog and explain the full story.

I even ended early tonight so as to not completely lose the lot. So aggrevated right now. I am going to be taking a break of about 3 days and in the meantime trying to sort out things with FTP. If i don't get my money back from them my roll has been decimated tonight and in no way shape or form should i have been playing so high.

Have to break for a while so as to keep my cool and come back winning. I have At least £3500 left of my roll if all goes badly with FTP, so i can still grind that up nicely.

O well.



  1. sounds nasty fella best of luck with ftp, wasnt hoping to read the update post on tonights grind, so sonn, cl

  2. take a few days off mate. ul. hope the shit gets sorted with ftp