Tuesday, 9 August 2011

East Dulwich hit in Riots.

Well they hit my hometown tonight, and in true journalistic fashion i just bopped down to have a look at what was going on. They smashed the glass doors to the londis and ransacked the place, apparently not getting away with too much money from behind the till when i asked the bemused worker about what happened. He said around 20 of them rushed in and took all sorts of things. Maybe they did take the money behind the counter and this guy was just trying to hold some pride that he held them off, i don't know.

Beside it is a pharmacy. This was in a much poorer state and hopefully below i can attach some pictures of it. Massive pane of glass had been kicked in, they went in and made a lot of mess and assume that a lot of them went into the drug section at the back where most of the expensive prescription drugs are. When i got there to take pictures apparently the shop was left bare for anyone to walk into for about an hour, but when i got there to take pictures, there were at least 5 police officers there orchestrating workmen who were putting up makeshift windows. Oh how those guys are on to make a lot of money tonight. The police were also pretty casual as i was taking 3 pictures, instantly thought i would be told to f off or that my phone would be taken if i was to record this mess in anyway but if i would have asked one of them to move for a better shot i think they would have!

The third place which was across the road and i didn't get a very good look at was a post office which the bottom half of the doors were caved in through i assume excessive kicking and ramming. What did they think they were honestly going to get in there? It is like a bank with all the safes around the back well guarded, was a complete silly move and i didn't take a closer look as i was actually pissed off that these rioters weren't even thinking properly there. Obviously i know they may not generally be the brightest bunch but this got to me.

On the way home i passed a less saturated spot in terms of shops where there was really a very small chance that any rioters would be interested in looting, but found my local newsagents donning a pretty powerful sign. So much so it did take me aback quite a bit as i took a pic of it. I think the shop closed and a disgruntled regular of the place might have put it on as a big statement to any potential idiots.

I think that the trouble in East Dulwich involved only three incidents as i had a good look around and many bars remained open but would be interested to find out if anything else happened. Anyway the pics are below (hopefully), if you can't see them i had trouble uploading them on here and you are welcome to see them on my twitter @antgaughan


  1. Thanks for uploading the pics (just saw them on twitter)..i used to live in ED for about 2 yrs.. real shame..hope u guys safe and that they leave ED alone.
    Really weird being so far away, lucky i guess, but heartbreaking, still got plenty of friends in the area.

    Take care and thanks for ur updates.

  2. To be honest, i think its the spark of something global, and my dad thinks that east dulwich is going to be safe from riots...

    Some scary people in this city.

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