Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Good damage prevention

I lost about $100 yesterday as I was very very tired and therefore completely useless. So I unregistered as fast as I could before the main bunch of tourns came in before 8 and I would like to think now I could become a.master in tilt control from this bit of work.

I was saved by a 5th place in a $8k Gtd for $500 as my only cash btw AK<1010 stopping things there.

Been having big trouble with sleep recently only getting about 6 hours in at a time and am sure its due to the amount of caffeine and lack of exercise, so today onwards I am off fizzy drinks bar special occasions (that doesnt include when I feel like it!) and exercising everyday. I need to take this slow from the beginning because I am a fat bastard atm. So bad that when I break into a run my knees ache afterwards from the unnecessary pressure they are receiving and I am also panting from walking uphill. Ladies form an orderly queue!

So probs just best to lay off crappy foods and get into walking more than buses to lose that bit of excess weight and then when I feel I am fit enough go to the gym. Ahhh swimming is a good idea from the.get go actually.

Not playing tonight as I am playing in a messabout fiver house game with friends that I always like to lose in to keep em sweet. Normally go in with shit, then make a spiel up to them saying how bad their play was and.then sit down and watch telly away from the table. they then think they are superstars beating one of the bestn There is no way I'm spending my spare time grinding fiver games, you can have the money. I just want my sky box on my days off

So right now its brekkie then off for a swim. Will report bak on here if this thread gets lively otherwise I need to start posting on other threads.

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